List of the Best AM/WF Erotica (an On-Going Collection, REVIVED)

List Updated JANUARY 1, 2018

I just wanted to post some links of the best AM/WF erotica I’ve found so far online.  The vast majority of AMWF Erotica is written by White women.

Many thanks to all of the amazing individuals who took the time and had the desire to share their desire for AM/WF with others who feel like them.  I wish they knew how much their works are appreciated and enjoyed by their fans.

I feel this list contains an on-going and most comprehensive collection of the best AM/WF Erotica that’s been shared on the internet to date, and I hope you find it helpful:

First up is the beautiful and very multi-talented Cerise123 — I’m a very big fan of her and her work.  Check out her blog over at

Read her scorchingly sexy, steamy, well-written AM/WF Stories on Literotica, starting with the blisteringly hot debut story of Korean men having an orgy on one White girl:

Happy & proud to be able to say I was lucky enough to have helped her edit her next fun sexy story:

This next hot AM/WF story was written by a White woman, but the story is told from the first-person narrative and POV of an Asian man.
I’m impressed by how accurately & effectively the WF author captured the Asian Male Mindset and desire for his White female lover.  Her writing is just so well-done, too.
It’s a shame she stopped sharing more stories for us fans of her writing talent.

“The Only Asian” by PlayfulRomantic

Also by the same author, another hot AM/WF tale, feels very realistic and told from the WF POV.  Also hot, and I can’t help but be a fan of the title😉


“Love of Unusual: Prologue” by Sexy_Brunette

This was a steamy hot AM/WF “Prologue” written by a very talented White female author over Christmas way back in 2003, but sadly for whatever reasons, she decided to not share any more of her great story featuring these characters.
It’s a shame, because I would love to read what happens next. At least she left us with this scorching tale:)


“That Side of Campus” by DefyingExpectations

While it’s flattering and insightful to have the White female POV of AM/WF in this story, I do wonder how realistic it is, though.  Even now, after reading this several times, I honestly do question if White women actually feel romantically or sexually intimidated by Asian men like the WF protagonist in this story…  Because I’m sure it’s way more the other way around with the AM being intimidated by how/if the WF thinks he’s sexy or not.
Another hot story by the same WF author:


 Other fun stories on Literotica worth checking out:

“Gym Time” by Panzerin
original version she posted on Chopstickcharm[dot]com:

    Other Super-Hot AM/WF stories on chopstickcharm blog:

“Kinky College Co-Eds” (written by Anonymous WF who really needs to write more AM/WF, share more of her own AM/WF experiences like this ASAP!)

“Redheads Always Love Asian Men?” (AM writer – very hot & dominant story too!)

Hmm, he may have indeed spotted a pattern:

“Gym Time” (WF writer)
The version she posted afterwards to Literotica:

“We Met on Reddit, Then Spent the Whole Night Fucking Our Brains Out” (Best Title Of All Time, IMHO) – WF writer:

“Virgin Guy Fucked My Face and Made Me Cum the First Time We Met” (WF writer)

“Once You Go Asian…” (WF writer)

“Adventure in a Foreign Land” (AM writer)

“Craigslist Hook Up” (WF writer)


****   I’ll add the updated additions from now on below    *****  :

“My Japanese Boy” written by a White woman from Scandinavia –

“Asian Night in Stockholm” written by an Asian man with a love for Scandinavian women:

“Jeanette’s JAV Shoot” – fetish story written by a Hapa (Half-Asian, Half-White) male writer:

“Chinese Takeout” – a White guy is made into a cuckold by his unfaithful cheating hot White wife who fucks a strong Chinese man on their marital bed:

“Want to Play Chikan?” –  a White woman in Japan is groped and defiled by a crowd of Japanese men while riding public transportation:
“Edna and the Old China Man” – written by a white guy
Racist title, yes. It’s written by a white guy, so no surprise there.
Story is about a white dude whose hot wife/girlfriend fucks a Chinese man while he watches and listens in like a creeper LOL.  It’s actually pretty funny:


“THE VIOLATION OF NURSE MARY DAY” – Unknown Writer  (PLOT:  The gang rape of a white nurse in Hong Kong during the invasion by the Japanese army during World War II.  The writer says how the Japanese rapists were all hoping to impregnate the White women as they gang-raped all the British nurses in a hospital. Supposedly based on a true story.)


Here is a list of the multiple AM/WF erotic stories the super talented and deserved-to-be-applauded Sonya Esperanto has written that I was able to find online.  They all feature the Asian man forcing sex on a White woman either by force or manipulation of some sort, so be warned in advance.  Keep in mind the one who wrote these stories is a woman.

Sonya Esperanto, whoever you are and wherever you are now, Thank You so much for these amazingly hot AM/WF sex stories!

“Last Night for a French Woman”

“Y Chromosome”
“Emmanuel and Sean’s Mom” – sequel to “Y Chromosome” sees an Asian guy fuck his white friend’s mom LOL:
“Babysitter Becomes a Slave”

These next parts were written by someone else (boo!) but still have AM/WF in it, so included anyway:
(part 4 is gay stuff, so skipped)

[End of section on Sonya Esperanto]


AM/WF Stories Related to Vietnam/Vietnam War Theme:

“WOMAN MARINE CAPTURED” – written by Leslie Parma  (PLOT:  a WF wrote this tale of a White female Marine being revenge-raped by Vietnamese men.)

Read for free version:

Novella/Support her work version:

“The Fact and Fantasy of Gi Rao Ramh” by Xntrc  (I’m happy to finally see the publication of one of the hot AM/WF stories written by good friend and genuine supporter of AM/WF erotica, Xntrc — he happens to be a white guy, but is one of the rare true supporters of seeing AM/WF flourish.)

“Bush Men from Vietnam” by gbgood


Erotica Featuring Asian Men & Latinas (AM/LF):

As of this writing in 2016, I could only find a mere 2 erotica stories featuring an Asian man and Latina that are available to read on the internet.  I would love if there are more AM/LF written and shared. I have never been with a Latina, otherwise I would try to write something, but I am hoping the much more capable writers out there tackle this pairing and write up some hot stories!  Here the only 2 out there of this time that I am aware of:
“October” by  Anonymous [I assume a Latina wrote this, though, as the story byline contains her email address] (
Edited 03/27/02

“The Exchange Student” by angstboy


“Korean Affair” by Sarah Anne Talley

“12/98 – An American couple moves to Korea because of job opportunity. The wife quickly becomes bored and starts up an affair with a handsome Korean golf-pro. They’re out in the woods bordering the golf coarse when some Korean Mafia types stumble upon them. (mf, cheat, gang rape)”


“Comfort Girl No. 4” by Paul Blades

Description:   “Janice Paterson, a pretty brunette living in NYC, is whisked away to a new life as Comfort Girl No. 4, for a powerful Asian Corporation. Once she’s trained, she’ll be chosen by a master to be his personal pleasure slave. Janice’s harrowing descent into slavery is marked by an embarrassing medical exam, ruthless punishment and rigorous sexual training that leaves her constantly aroused. ”


This is one above is not a short story, but a NOVEL being sold on Smashwords, however you can read the first 34 or so pages by downloading the Sample Excerpt in various e-reader formats such as epub, mobi, etc, or read online here:


“BOOK BINDINGS” by mapleridgefool

“A white Women’s Study major falls to masterful Asian man.”


This story is really well-written and offers a lot of insights into Chinese cultural history, too. Very talented writer and I hope the chapters & stories continue from this writer.


“Redhead Delight” by BetweenHerLegs

“Eaglecrest Lake” in 4 parts (more like pages actually) by PrincessErin

“Hot Japanese Summer” Series & “The Perfect Vacation” Series (a continuation to ‘Hot Japanese Summer’) by SaraSensei

White Female Teacher in Japan has relations with her favorite Japanese Male Student


Deleted Stories by Anonymous Writers I saved the text from years ago when they were still available online. I copy/pasted the text of these AM/WF sex stories to this blog for preservation where they may hopefully find a receptive audience.  Links below:

“Chinese Take Out”

“Business Trip Bellboy Service by Unknown”



BlueDragonAuthor” is the Greatest Asian Male Writer of AM/WF Erotica of All Time.

His 3-Part series “A DIFFERENT KIND OF FAMILY” is the best AM/WF erotic narrative of all time, that actually evokes genuine emotions through the complex characterizations the writer expertly crafts with his superb writing talents that deserve award-committee attention if this were a fair world and his story actually got published for real into a historical fiction novel  to attract the audience based on its enormous literary merits.

I’ve heard from female readers who expressed a desire to read AM/WF sex stories written by an Asian man (as most of it is written by White women), as it has the viewpoints from the AM perspective among other reasons.

I’m happy to report that the writer featured in this post is 100% the undisputed BEST ASIAN MALE WRITER OF AM/WF EROTICA EVER: BlueDragonAuthor. His Facebook Fan Group is located here:

The writer said he is Chinese.

Talk about HIDDEN GEMS!

Seriously, this man has such tremendous skills as a writer that the HOT sex scenes are actually not even the most engaging parts of his stories.  This is literary writing at its finest that just so happens to also have explicit sex scenes as an integral part of the narrative and the characters’ development, maturity, growth, and healing.

“A Different Kind of Family: 3 Part Series” by bluedragonauthor

I think it’s a near-guarantee we won’t be seeing such powerful and expertly written AM/WF erotica (with such genuinely and emotionally truthful steaming sex scenes) sensually written by an Asian Man again that comes anywhere close to this series.  Check it out now!!

Special Thanks to “Neo” who first brought my attention to this amazing HIDDEN GEM in the comments section of this thread.



“He’s the One” (a 4-part series) by XHideandSeekX

“The French Restaurant” (spin-off from “He’s the One”) by XHideandSeekX

“How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying: 6 Part Series” by female AM/WF writer, “Phlight”

Bored 30-something WF, Cara, meets a seductive Asian stranger, Keiji.


   “He fucked all of my holes” (AMWF) by White4Asian (WF writer) on 09/22/2014






   SmoulderRocks – I assume this is an Asian guy (?), but don’t take my word for it, so this isn’t a co-sign, but he is a New AM/WF Writer of notable talent and he’s come out with a Triple Whammy Debut to signal he’s taking over the AM/WF erotica scene.

His Profile Page on Literotica to bookmark for future updates, he’s one talent to keep your eye on:

The Elevator Experience –  (Group Sex: AM, WF, WF, AF)

The Sun Gym Orgy – AMWF

*** He also pleasantly takes Reader Requests, as a female fan commented that he should write about Asian Men and Latinas. Few days later, he wrote one. Very fast turnaround!  This was just posted, hot off the digital press:

Asian Spice meets Latina Flavor  (AMLF – Yay, more of this pairing!)


Peggy Sanford Gets “The Business” – by xntrc

This is the second published AM/WF story written by my man XNTRC.  He is legit one of the few, few, VERY FEW white guys that are genuinely supportive & encouragingly appreciative of this whole AM/WF thing. He has written a lot more AM/WF than he’s let me read since I think over a year or so ago, but I have no idea what his plans are at this point in publishing them. Last I heard, he was searching for the right outlet all this time, but I guess hasn’t found one yet.  I know how it feels, bruv.


 Party Mom – by GorvinFlaviovich

This is also the 2nd AMWF story by this writer.

PS: Note the butt-hurt comments by an anonyfag bitching about grammar or some shit. This douche troll has gotta be yet another butt-hurt whiteboy fagcuck on the usual militant anti-AMWF as I’ve seen him also bitch about similar petty shit on Xntrc’s new story. Xntrc is one of the few, few, few genuinely supportive pro-AMWF white guys, btw.

Shit, just read this bullshit this Anonyfag wrote:
“Another great high school author.
It’s not “Me and my Mother,” it’s, “My Mother and I.” The other person first, ALWAYS.
Capitalizing important words like Drinks, and Beer. I know, I know, the capitalized words are a code for someone. Cute, but not really.
The way you tell this story, you don’t, “take stock,” you, “took stock.”
Crappy story, get’s you a minus 7. Minus 8 if you’re ESL.”

I don’t know what it is about AM/WF that specifically gets these white phags and azn connie chungz so triggered & ass-rammed with exit wounds through their butthurt belly buttons and sheeit, but these two in particular always be trollin n hatin n postin dirty on AMWF-related thangz mang.  I say we should stoop to their pygmy level, and fight using their tactics.  So here’s the G-hhod, yall: Go troll their WM/AF white on rice or whatever the hell they call their own queef niche forums and groups, and troll-flood the shit out of them.  Shitpost pic after pic and link after link of what the white boys’ fear most: Black men taking all their own white womenz folkz. Srs.  This is what they fear and hate the most (even though the biggest consumers of BM/WF IR and CUCKOLD PORN… are white guys).

This is actually a working transition to the next story actually…


A White Wife’s Sweet Revenge – by Samuelx

Now this is something I never thought I’d see, but welcome anyone writing to this AM/WF erotic genre:
A Black man wrote this AM/WF story about how a White woman married to a Black man ends up cucking him for an Asian (I think Japanese) man.
A TON OF BUTTHURT WHITE PEOPLE HATING on this story in the comments section makes for entertaining reading after reading the story!  White boys get SO god-damned TRIGGERED so easily quick over this shit.  Let’s write more of this shit to REALLY GET THEM HATERS BURSTING THEIR BLOOD VESSELS AND GETTIN BRAIN HEMMORHAGES FOR REALZ — LOLZ!  (SRS)

“White Cucks Matter”, yall.


The Anime Club Orgy

by SmoulderRocks

This guy keeps coming up with more AM/WF mayhem all the time.  Nice to see consistent output from an Asian guy writing about AM/WF craziness.  His stories are pretty crazy, you have to admit.  Just saying.  Pretty funny too. The guy has writing skills for sure. Hope he writes more.



And we have another new Asian male (and Korean) writing some true erotica as he trains his hot WF sub to love Korean cock:
   “Aria gets punished for masturbating” by K-Cock Gaiden  [his tumblr where the AM Master Trains His WF Sub is at: https://kcockgaiden. tumblr. com/ ]  (delete the spaces or else this blog posts the entire thing, sorry)

https://kcockgaiden. post/149227527611/ aria-gets-punished-for-masturbating
Or, for the compiled-updates version:



For Sonja by KangLovesSonja – Looks like a Korean man wrote this true story about his first time being intimate with a German woman in university.


   Korean Adventures: Jae Sung Chapters 1 & 2 by BethCookie

I loved reading these 2 very hot AM/WF erotic stories written by a White woman living in Seoul, South Korea.  I wonder if these tales were based on her real life experiences. I sure hope so and that she has many more yet to write down and share with us.




“To Cum on an Angel”

written by KangLovesSonja & AMWFLoveFetish2

I don’t usually put my own stories on this list because I don’t think I am a good enough writer, but since this story was co-written by a much more talented person, I hope no one minds that I put this on the List.  I take credit for any weaknesses in the story and credit the strengths to my co-writer.  Hopefully this is going to be the first of many more collaborations.



The 12th Floor Harem, AMWF – by SmoulderRocks

Here is the new story by frequent-AM/WF erotica writer (and one of a very few Asian Men writing in this genre), SmoulderRocks.  I was wondering when this guy would come out with any new work, too.  Right on time, my man.

I tried to contact this guy, but just putting it out there in public, if you ever wanted to work together on an AMWF story, just let me know. I think it would be fun as this guy writes pretty off the wall style AMWF erotica also.


    I noticed lately there are quite a lot of AMWF erotic ebooks in the Amazon Kindle store, all written by WF:

or bargain of several of the above in 1 collection:

Even some AMWF erotic ebooks written by white males:




** Almost exactly 2 months later since the last time this list was updated, this guy writes another AMWF sex story finally:

IMPERIAL PANDA Gigolo Service by SmoulderRocks


Kate’s International Studies – by Kitkatcoat
“Redhead studies abroad, and learns a thing or two…”

Verrrry INTERESTING how the vast majority of AMWF sex stories being written and posted have WHITE WOMEN WRITING THEM.  

You have to admit this is a fascinating pattern.  BIG THANKS TO THE SUPER TALENTED AND STRONG WF WHO WROTE THIS! (Especially since she says it is about her real-life experience with an Asian man!)



(Update: July 19, 2017) – AMWF Story written by an AM:

Jeanette and the Pervert




Senior Year: A Year to Remember – by sallyvox


Senior Year: A Year to Remember
by Sallyvox

I already posted this a while back, but I had not read it yet. Now that I have, I wanted to say how well-written her AMWF story really is. Very funny, insightful, entertaining, and hot sex scenes.

She is a wonderful writer and hope she continues writing these types of AMWF stories.

Definitely recommended!



Hannah Hill Ch. 01: Library Encounter
by Hannah_18


This story appears to be an account of the female writer’s experience with an Asian man.



And now, we move on to the pay-to-read stories on the Amazon Kindle store.

There seems to be a lot more AMWF erotic stories being written out there on Kindle lately. Look at all these updates since the last Kindle post.


E.V. Stonebaker, female writer who writes many AMWF Erotic Series:





Celebrity Superhero: A Kpop Romance Book Kindle Edition
by Jennie Bennett


This one has many 5 star reviews, and all from women.





And even some wm are writing AMWF romance type books now too — though I have not read any of these so I don’t know if there’s any anti-AM going on the sly:

Interesting how this one has majority positive reviews coming from other non-Asian male readers. Interesting dynamic for comparison and consideration.




Masuka’s Big Head: AMWF Erotica
by Dick Wang Ho

Not sure if this is an actual Asian guy or not due to the comic nature of the name (reminds me of “Sum Yung Gie” type of “Asian” names used as jokes), but for what it’s worth, it’s yet another example that for whatever reason, there are many more AMWF content creators out there and it shows that there are many of these being written nowadays.


Keep in mind I have not read any of the Kindle stories so I cannot vouch for any of them, but this list of Kindle titles featuring AMWF has grown since the last Kindle post, and that to me is a good thing. 

Writers, keep up the support for AMWF growth. We appreciate your work!




The numbers and the quality of writing are all really picking up pace lately on the AMWF Erotic genre.  I don’t think I’ve had to update the blog with a new writer/story as fast since the last update before.

I like the changes. Keep them coming, I say.

I read this story and she wrote a lot of details that make it seem like she has personal experience in Korea and being intimate with a Korean man before — Which makes the story even hotter IMO.

Very well-written, recommended!

Korean Affair – Ji Yong and Kate
by Saucy_Minx_©


[Few days later:]

As said previously, the pace at which new AMWF stories are being written and with new writers (all White women, sure enough) are coming faster than ever.  Love it and appreciate this!

Honey Lust: Elissa’s Revenge
by justboycrazy

Korean Affair Ch. 02
by Saucy_Minx_


*** 2018 ***

Beginning 2018 with a mega post update of Awesome AMWF Erotic talent from the end of 2017 I didn’t get to post about till now:

SO MANY AMWF Sex and Romance Stories being written more than ever these days. Note how almost all the writers are WF too.  Keep writing these amazing and well-written treasures!  We love them so much.

First up, I want to spotlight 4 WF who wrote entire libraries of AMWF Erotica in such quick succession: Saucy_Minx_ , LilaMina, Sandrine, and Maria B. – look for their stories, and thanks to all the writers of AMWF Erotica from all years past, present, and future for supporting AMWF for its fans!


Korean Affair Chapters 01 to 05 (Finale) – by Saucy_Minx_ ©


Tokyo Soapland – by Saucy_Minx_ ©


Sneaking in to an Army Barracks – by Saucy_Minx_ ©




Blackmailed in China Ch. 01 – by disappearingink ©


Senior Year Ch. 02: The Conqueror – by sallyvox ©


Ludmilla’s Muse – by SophiaPhoenix ©



Another WF who wrote whole libraries of AMWF Erotica:

Competition at the Workplace – by LilaMina ©


The Man with the Dragon Tattoo Pt. 01 through 03 – by LilaMina ©


Come Rain and High Waters – by LilaMina ©

The Way of Proper Submission – by LilaMina ©


NEW AMWF EROTICA BLOG (run by WF, Maria B.), named simply: “AMWF EROTICA”





Another WF who wrote a whole library of AMWF Erotic Stories:

Competition at the Workplace – by LilaMina ©

The Man with the Dragon Tattoo Pt. 01 through 03 – by LilaMina ©

Come Rain and High Waters – by LilaMina ©

The Way of Proper Submission – by LilaMina ©




New AM/WF Erotic Stories on Amazon Kindle as of 12-31-2017:





NOT EROTICA, but still AMWF Romance:



AMWF Sex grows stronger and spreads further and deeper in 2018!


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