New Account

Question #1:  “Why is this blog here and why is there a “2” after the name?”

Answer #1:  Someone or some group took over my email account and I eventually lost access to everything else associated with that account: my old blog, literotica profile, and email contacts.

After not being able to restore my access, I got so disgusted and discouraged I thought about quitting after that and have been out of the game for a couple months.

I’ve now decided I’m not going to let them win and so I am back on a new account and new blog.

Question #2: “Why did you write ‘Fetish’ in the name? Is you a raysist brah?”

Answer #1:  It’s fucked up how if a White woman expresses even the slightest, tiniest hint of a probable expression that she might be even just simply open to the idea of being attracted to an East Asian man (let alone, gasp, Outright Preferring those Oriental fellers!), then she becomes flooded with accusations of being a “Racist Fetishist” by hordes of brooding creeps and Dude Bros and Susie Wongs and anime-obsessed loser yellow-fever White Brahs jerking off to hentai while clutching their fleshlight-stitched full-body waifu pillows.

As for Asian men having a fetish for White women: Sure, I’ll own to that charge.  I love having sex with White women.  You all know it’s the greatest feeling on the planet, no use being ashamed of that fact, as long as it’s respectful and enjoyable (and consentual) by both people involved.


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