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  1. “I guess this was how some White women enjoyed their sex. It was different from how Asians had sex, which was more of a spiritual connection type of experience than a domination over a sub type thing”.

    Nice ogling. From what I know, Asian guys seem to take sex more seriously than white girls. Even in college, Asian guys seemed to be pretty selective on when and how they want to have sex, more likely to control themselves when needed, but do it hard at certain times, than horny little white girls who want to do it every day. This can lead to some people into thinking that Asians are timid, not so interested in sex, even when Asians in actuality can be the best lovers. Some girls don’t understand this, but other girls who can feel the “Oriental undercurrents” (Scorpio-types, ha) become very compatible with Asians even if they have not been exposed to the Asian cultures very much before.

    P.S. I’ve recently discovered your blog. I await to read more of your stories.

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    1. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts and insights into Scorpio behavior and AM/WF relationships on my blog. It would be interesting to hear more about this.
      Welcome to the blog and I hope you find many other AM/WF writers who are better at this than me.


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