Korean Man Trains Her White Ass for Anal [AM/WF True Erotica]

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Master and WF Sub in Training:

    “Aria gets punished for masturbating”

Aria walked softly into the apartment. She knew Se’in was mad at her.

“Strip” he said in a detached voice.

She undressed carefully and folder her clothes into a neat pile beside her. Next she undid her pigtail braids and let her hair down. He got up slowly and put his fingers through her hair. Even though it felt good to have his fingers going through her hair, she knew what was coming next. He gripped a handful of hair firmly, saying “follow me” and dragged her to the bathroom.

He pulled her head down by her hair to the bottom of the tub.


She stayed as still as possible. The fear was lubricating her pussy. She loved how turned on she got whenever she was punished. He turned the water on and splashed some cold water on her asshole. It made her jump.

“Why are you washing my asshole?” she said anxiously. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up.

“Don’t ask stupid questions” he said and gave her right cheek a forceful smack. It felt like his hand had smacked more wetness out of her cunt. She was dripping. “and don’t forget ‘Sir’” he smacked the other cheek.

He turned his attention back on her ass and started fingering her asshole. One at first, but after a few strokes he put in another finger. It felt so good when he was cleaning out her asshole.

“get up”

she got up.

“you know what to do”

He handed her a butt plug. It was the bigger one of the two he had for her. He had been training her with the smaller one for so long that she didn’t need it anymore. She started to put the butt plug in when he said “turn around so I can see it”. She turned around and he stopped her, and smacked her cheek again, this time for not remembering to turn around. She spit on the the butt plug to lube it up then put it in after a two tries. His training was working.

He dragged her by her hair back to the living room and had her get on her knees.

“Suck my cock”

She pulled unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, lowered them and his underwear. She started sucking his cock. Licking it all over, caressing his balls, and swirling her tongue around his head. There was just enough hope of escaping punishment that she did everything in her power to make this the best blowjob he’d ever had.

“I’m sorry but it’s just not good enough.” She was turned on and scared at the same time. He took off his belt and held it in one hand.

He grabbed her head back by the hair. “You remember the rules?”

She knew this was serious. She had to be on her best behavior at this point.

“Yes, Sir. Count each stroke out loud, and if I lose track we start over, Sir.”

“What’s today’s date”

“The 17th, Sir.”

“17 strokes for each side.”

“Thank You, Sir.”

He let go of her hair and got up. He put his foot on her head. She felt like a pathetic worm under his foot. She deserved everything she was about to get. He started with her right cheek. 17 strokes, counting each one out loud. He moved on to the other cheek. She started squirming after a few hits. It was starting to really hurt, but Se’in saw the squirming and felt his cock get harder.

“I’m gonna make you squirm, just for my pleasure. You’re nothing but a piece of meat for me to abuse.”

He smacked her ass with the belt left and right. She cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her juices were coming down in ropes down to the floor. She was internally begging him to fuck her pussy instead of her ass but she knew it was unlikely. When he finally got tired, he held one cheek open and pulled the butt plug out. He stuck his cock in and started fucking her ass.

“This is the only thing you’re good for. and the only thing about you that I like. your tight little asshole is my toy to use and abuse”.

“Please” she pleaded, “stop, I’m sorry I”ll never do it again!”

“it’s too late, you already did it and you have to be punished. your existence is solely to provide pleasure to me as I see fit.”

She continued to beg and plead but it was no use. She tried to pull away but he wrapped his arm around her neck and choked her. She couldn’t breathe so she stopped and he let go. There was no escape. She just had to accept her punishment. She let herself feel the pleasure of submission in her asshole and accepted his cock eagerly and ravenously. She needed his cock in her asshole to train her, and she wanted it. She wanted to be punished.

“please Se’in” she begged “please cum in my asshole please”

“yes you little cumslut”

Se’in grabbed both of her shoulders and pulled him even deeper onto his cock penetrating her asshole more fully than it had ever been. Aria moaned out loud from the shock of intense pleasure feeling his cock engorge and spasm as he came inside her. She felt the warm glow of redemption.

he pulled out and laid down. “clean it”

she leaped to his cock and started licking off all the anal juices and looked adoringly into his eyes.

“you like the taste of your asshole?”

“yes, sir I love it” she said hungrily as she devoured his cock

“good, because you earned it”

He smiled at her and she was filled the warmth of knowing that she had pleased him. She was a worthless little cumslut, but she was his good little cumslut.

    PT 2:

Aria’s anal training progress update

Aria’s anal training is going well. Last night I fucked her pussy, and her pussy juice was enough lubrication for me to fuck her asshole and give her a nice anal creampie.

PT 3:

Aria’s Anal Orgasm Traning

Aria had been wearing the big princess plug the day before. We 69ed, and her juices were pooling and dripping down her crack. I started fucking her pussy. She asked me to fuck her ass while she masturbated. I turned her on her side and my cock slipped right in her asshole. She played with her clit and when she was about to cum, I started pounding her ass with my cock as she got herself off. Her asshole was clenching so tight and felt so good I creampied her ass.


“As far as fav parts. I surprisingly enjoyed your foot on my head, I liked how loose I got and that I had to clamp down on your cock to make it tight for you. I enjoyed the spanks and going down on you. I liked you fingering/cleaning my asshole. I liked you saying that my holes were the only part you liked about me. Like I really enjoyed the whole thing”

– Aria


“I feel like a super anal slut and your dick helped.”

– Aria


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