UNFINISHED & ABANDONED: Stories Began But Never Completed # 1

I figure it’s time to post various AM/WF erotic stories I began writing a long time ago but for different reasons gave up on as time went on.   I’ll be adding to these on the blog over the next couple months under the tag “Unfinished AMWF Stories by Me” as more entries get posted.


            Jun-Ho locked the doors of Katherine’s outer office and shut off the lights at his desk. He unbuttoned his suit jacket and knocked on the doors to her inner office before entering inside. He didn’t need to wait for her to voice her permission before entering. This had become a recurring ritual at least once every week at the end of the workday.

He found her behind her grand desk, sleek and minimalist, modern, and seated in her leather chair turned toward the floor to ceiling Plexiglass windows. Jun-Ho came to stand next to her, the two of them gazing out at the reflections of lights in the darkness of the night.

Jun-Ho turned his gaze down to Katherine as his hand ran his fingers through Katherine’s smooth long hair. He ran his hand through her hair, then down her back, then around to her shoulders. He began caressing her frame and massaging her shoulders, her neck.

“You did good today,” Jun-Ho told her as he rubbed her body, savoring the feel of the White woman’s creamy skin. “So why do you seem sad?”

The Korean gently wrapped his strong hands around her white throat, grazing them ever so lightly just now, remembering the times those hands choked her in passion as he fucked her sopping pussy on the previous nights she surrendered her body to him and he hungrily ravished her in her own office, pressing her sweating body against the very windows they were both looking out through upon the city night. His fingers lingered a memory longer before resuming the sensual massaging of her neck and shoulders and sides of her arms.

This White woman felt so good in his hands. He loved feeling her body up. His cock was getting hard as he anticipated how good she would feel inside his mouth. How amazingly good his cock would feel inside her pussy. The Korean’s cock became so hard now thinking about what he was going to do to her again.

He massaged and caressed her body for a long time before he realized she never answered his question. Did he need to choke her, start the night rough with her?

“You still thinking about Howard?” he asked. She nodded.

“Forget Howard. He’s an arrogant and incompetent piece of shit— the worst combination of qualities— not to mention ugly,” Jun-Ho told her. “And on the polar opposite of that spectrum, there’s you: brains and ability and skills, plus beauty and humility on top of it all. It’s no wonder he hates you,” the Korean assured her as he rubbed her body with powerfully firm yet sensuously gentle hands kneading her flesh in a massage as physically healing as his words were emotionally sustaining. “He hates you because he knows you’re better than his inferior ass can ever be. All his ass-kissing doesn’t move him up a single rung in the corporate ladder, and when he sees you moving up from your own hard work and skills, that hateful cocksucker automatically assumes the bosses treat you better because—” His hands moved from rubbing her shoulders, slid down to cup her breasts. “—Because of these… and your beautiful pussy he can only dream about.” Jun-Ho’s hands gently squeezed her breasts, applying more and more firmness until he was groping her globes, easing into sensuously massaging and caressing them. Lovingly playing with her breasts, and making her breaths become heavier and hotter as she became more and more aroused. A purring moan escaped her throat as she let herself enjoy his touch over his body.

“I was proud of you today,” Jun-Ho told her— his female boss, whose body he took for his pleasure in her very office many times before over many nights after everyone else left for home at the end of the work days. When the clock ended on each workday, the roles reversed. During the nights, the female boss Katherine became the submissive one and serviced her Korean aide who became her dom.

Jun-Ho bent his head down to kiss Katherine’s neck. He licked her neckline as he massaged her breasts. He slowly turned her around in her leather chair and undid her done-up hair, unleashing the long strands to run down past her shoulders. He ran his hands, his fingers, through her long hair, and let himself grab bunches of it and lightly pull.

“Fuck yes,” Katherine whispered spontaneously. “That feels so great. Keep doing it.”

“I wasn’t going to stop,” Jun-Ho told her as he continued sensually pulling her luxurious hair. His dick was getting very hard. She smelled so heavenly. It was almost a shame that as the night would go on, he would bathe her body in the musky mephitis of cocksweat, pussy juices, and spent cum, and make her and her entire private office reek of filthy animalistic sex done in heat. They were already spending more than expected in air fresheners overnight to mask the smell before the mornings.

“Hey wait, I almost forgot,” said Jun-Ho before he took something out of his pocket and dangled it in front of Katherine’s face.

“Mistletoe?” she asked, still confused even after eventually identifying what it was he held before you.

“You know the Western tradition with this,” Jun-Ho smiled, his eyes flickering with a playfully mischievous yet lustful gleam. “I get to kiss whatever’s under this…” The Korean lowered the mistletoe to hover over her creamy chest. He bent his head down… powerfully suctioned a wet kiss filled with hunger and thirst for her sensual body sweat and heat to fill his lips as the room. He lowered the mistletoe over her heart, over her left breast. The Korean’s powerful, determined hand reached to cup her breast through her clothing— reached under the clothing at the cleavage line— scooped her White breast out of the expensive business attire clothing. Her left breast freed from the restrictive clothing, Katherine savored the cool air on her titflesh. Her Korean dom cupped her naked tit in his hand and alternated gentle and firm massaging motions, enjoying the feel of her naked body and admiring her creamy skin so smooth and warm to his touch. He turned her breast up to look with a certain enjoyment only a man can know, to admire how her underbreast glowed in a slight clammy sweat and reflected the heavenly moonlight, casting her naked skin in an indescribable and sexy divine eminence.

He moved the mistletoe over her naked and exposed breast… He lowered his head, his face, his mouth… his lips—

Katherine moaned low and slow as her Korean lover sucked on her breast deeply, squeezing it powerfully as he did so, as if milking her to feeding. He sucked her pink-brown nipple and areola encircling it, and licked her creamy White skin over her entire breast, covering her naked flesh with suctioning wide kisses strong and generous in saliva as her body made his mouth water in such craving to taste her before fucking her.

“Mmm, god you taste so fucking good,” Jun-Ho wetly slurred as his thirsty mouth slurped on her wet White breast. His mouth opened and sucked in a deeper suctioning gulp of her breast flesh, massaging the roundness of her tit trapped inside his warm mouth with his tongue.

“MMmmmmMMMM!” Jun-Ho moaned with his mouth through her breast as he sucked deeply, smile on his face, eyes blissfully closed shut but very visibly smiling. Pleasure written and sealed and shining all over his Oriental face.

Katherine liked looking at his Asian features, watching him get so turned on by her. Knowing that she was giving him such intense pleasure and happiness made her feel like such a powerful Woman. She smiled to herself and cradled his head with her arms and pushed his face deeper into her chest. She arched her back as well as her head backwards, still smiling, and told him to drink deeply from her.

“Hold this!” the thirsty Korean ordered as he shoved the mistletoe into Katherine’s fingers and then he tore at the buttons on her business shirt, tearing it off her body and scrambling to get her lopsided bra completely off so he could freely feed on her right breast too. First he let his eyes feast on the sight of both her breasts finally freed and exposed to his view, illuminated in the most divine light of the moon as though a spotlight specially lighting up her body like a transfigured goddess offering her body up to a mere mortal to be fucked in heavenly pleasures undreamed of.

The Korean suddenly felt guilty or unworthy, or really both, quite suddenly as he looked down at her full sensuous female glory.

He stood shaking before her. Also suddenly ashamed and slightly trembling in her presence.

Katherine opened her eyes.

A silence passed between them in the still of the moonlight.

“…What’s wrong, Jun-Ho?” she finally managed to ask. She didn’t know why, but she instinctively began to cover her naked breasts with her arm. Her other arm and hand reached up, reached out to touch Jun-Ho’s face.

“I’m… I— I’m sorry,” Jun-Ho stammered. He quickly blinked repeatedly. “I’m sorry,” he told her again. He picked her bra and shirt back up and delicately touched her breasts, entrapping them inside her bra once again, and dressed her back inside her business shirt.

“I think you’re really beautiful,” Jun-Ho told her, sadness in his voice, on his face, and in his eyes. “You’re such a beautiful woman,” he said as he took the mistletoe from her ivory fingers. “And strong… Don’t forget— that part especially.”

“Jun-Ho,” a confused and frustrated Katherine called after him as he turned to leave her office. “Jun-Ho, don’t go— What happened? What’s gotten into you?”

But the Korean had hurriedly left her office, leaving her alone.


The next morning was awkward as they resumed their normal workplace roles and power balance. She was his boss and he was her aide.



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