Shania Twain swoons over Korean-American Man, John Park

I always had the hots for Shania Twain and enjoyed her music.  Feels great to know she’s attracted to Asian men.  I heard for years actually that this might be the case, but this video shows it clearly in her body language as she’s swooning over and flirting with a Korean man:
    American Idol 2010 Chicago: John Park wows Shania Twain
Better quality video:
I hope Ms. Shania Twain decides to get revenge on her idiot douchebag cheating-ass loser white husband by Going Wild and Feelin Like a Woman fucking some hot Korean men.  Hope she goes to Korea where John Park is a popular singer now (heh, all the American Koreans need to go to Asia to get proper treatment for their talents) and let him bed her like she deserves.  Hope they make a sextape and when it comes out her cheating white loser ex-husband has a heart attack, LMAO.

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