AMWF Lollipop – by AMWFLoveFetish2

The Asian guy unwrapped a cherry lollipop and licked it.  Then he stuck the freshly-licked cherry lollipop inside the strawberry blonde’s pussy.  He slid the lollipop in through her tight pink pussy lips and slid the stick in deeper nice and slow and sticky.  He slowly pulled the lollipop out of the blonde’s hairless smooth pussy and he loved how wet and sticky her pussy looked now.  He pulled the lollipop all the way out now and he rubbed the lollipop over her swollen clit.  Rubbed that lollipop all over and around and against the blonde’s beautiful clit and then he slid the sticky lollipop back inside her pink pussy again.

“I bet that lollipop tastes so much better now that it tastes like your pussy,” the Asian guy told her as he laughed while fingering her White pussy with the sticky cherry lollipop, leaving a faintly glistening trail of sticky red candied sugar mixed with her pussy’s wetness.  He pulled the cherry lollipop out and put it in his mouth, sucked on it and moaned, his face registering the blissful taste.

“Mmmmmm… Tastes so much sweeter,” he told her.  He pulled the lollipop out of his mouth, gave it another long wet lick, and told the blonde to lick it and taste.  She stuck out her pretty little pink tongue, wet, and he let her lick his lollipop.

“Now suck it,” he told her and she obeyed.  “I want you to know how good you taste.  Your pussy makes candy taste so much sweeter.  I want to lick your pussy, it’s the best-tasting candy there is.”  He rubbed her clit and bent his head between her legs and began licking her pussy and clit.  He suctioned his mouth over her clit and sucked her vigorously.  Her legs shuddered and closed like a vice trapping his head and he flicked his tongue over and across her clit.  He then suctioned his mouth over her pussy and vigorously sucked her cunt deep and drinking deeper.

“God you make my dick so hard,” the Asian guy wipes his wet glistening mouth and tells the blonde as he stands up and excitedly unbuckles his belt and shakes his pants down, off, and steps out of them and pulls down his underwear and frees his raging veins-bulging Asian dick rock hard and yearning to fuck head-first inside her holy pink pussy like it’s the land of milk and honey.

“You have no idea how much I missed putting my dick inside your wet pussy,” the Asian guy told her as he pulled the lollipop out of her mouth long enough to lick and then suck a thirsty kiss from the strawberry blonde’s pussy-flavored cherry lips.

“I want you to say it,” the Asian guy told her in between deep kisses.  “I need to hear you say it from your own lips.”  He kissed her again deep, and then she said:

“Rape me,” she said after the last kiss.  “I want you to rape my little White pussy, please.”  She pulled his head in for another deep sensual kiss and he felt happy to hear what he wanted to hear, that she wanted this too, that she wanted him.

His Asian dick was going to fuck her tight little pussy like it was a divine pussy.  She had an angel’s pussy, and he loved defiling her so filthy with his Asian cock polluting her holy cuntal sanctuary every time he thrust into her and covered her sacred Aryan pussy walls with torrents of thick milky Korean cum, desecrated her racial purity forever.  It was like raping a holy angel and it made him cum so much harder and get rock-hard erect again so much quicker, literally right after shooting his load, he was always ready to keep fucking her so he could keep ruining her perfect White pussy some more.

He loved thrusting into her pussy while looking at how beautiful her pussy looked, especially with his Korean cum from his previous load when he busted his nut and came inside her without any condom, now leaking out of her pink pussy as he kept pumping her welcoming cunt that was clenching his cock and milking out more and more and more cum into her.

He had her keep her top on, because he felt like it was his way of showing her that he liked her for her and that he thought she was so sexy for more than the fact she had breasts large to the point where it became awkward and also unavoidable to pretend to avoid looking at them when you really couldn’t avoid them being in your face, but he didn’t want her to think he was only hot for her for her boobies, so he tried to downplay them by avoiding being sexual with them altogether or else he’d go crazy with them and probably scare her off.  Plus, he didn’t want to be thought of as a misogynist or something, so he avoided even touching her large breasts, those presents still unwrapped and tucked under the tree of her tops he would never have the courage or gall to tear off her top and bra and ravish her complete body unrestricted.  All-access.  He wanted to lick and taste and fuck every inch of her sweet body.  But he didn’t want to creep her out.

So instead, he just stuck to greedily raping her gorgeous pussy only.  He raped that holiest of holes with focused and wholly concentrated passion, all channeled and honed in on her pussy.  He lifted her legs up while he had her still on her back and draped those sexy legs of hers over his shoulders as he continued pumping her, enjoying her pussy, his Asian dick loving the feel of invading the White woman’s cunt and making her sweaty.

It was hard to try out different positions with her without touching her big breasts in some way, or having them get in the way to where he might have to touch them, and he didn’t feel worthy to just grab them and fuck her completely as he pleased.  He didn’t want to feel like a misogynist.  Just stick to raping her pussy, he kept reminding himself.

His hands were gripping her hips as he thrust into her and he felt like he wouldn’t be able to hold back the cum much longer.

He slowed his thrusts and just pushed inside her deep and slow, pressing her to his body, to his chest, and hugging her close and tight against his body until he could feel his heart beating against her skin and he could feel her blood pumping through her body, her pulses and her heartbeat wildly thumping through her large breast that was pressed up against him.

Whoops, that technically counts as touching as in making contact with her titties.  He released his hug as soon as he realized this and apologized for being so misogynistic, and returned his attention to raping her pussy again, slower.  Slower.  He had to recover so he wouldn’t cum because he wanted to feel how good her pussy is some more, for as long as possible.

She told him she wanted to be on top now, and he let her mount on top of him.  Her breasts swung intimidatingly heavy up and down, back and forth above his face like massively heavy pendulums of sandbags or something, and he was worried she caught him staring at her tits, and he hoped she didn’t think he was an unredeemable pervert who only liked her for her tits, so he brought her onto her side down on the bed and he then changed his mind and he mounted her from behind and fucked her doggystyle and enjoyed how much more brutally he could ram her pussy from this position and he could fuck her as hard and as fast as he wanted.  He shouted as he rocketed to orgasm and his entire body tensed as the orgasm electrified through his system and his dick pissed out thick streams of Asian cum into the blonde’s body, painting her pink pussy’s interior walls milky white in his potent creamy Korean DNA.

He washed her pussy out until it was soaking in a pool of his leaking-out cum, he came so much for her, inside her.  And so much was leaking out and streaming down her cunt opening and leaking into her ass.  And the Asian guy’s cock was still getting hard again as he looked at his cum on her body, and seeing such a sight so eye-wateringly beautiful beyond compare only got him so turned on he had to fuck her pussy again and fill it up even more with his Asian cum.

The Asian guy found the lollipop stuck to the mattress and he peels it off and he makes the strawberry blonde lick that cherry-pussy flavored piece of brightly colored candy on a stick again, and this time he tells her:

“You know what would make this lolly taste even better yet, sweeter than even your delicious pretty little pussy?  Hmm?”  He then dips the freshly-licked and wet and sticky cherry lollipop, and the Asian guy dips the lolly into her pussy overflowing with Asian cum like he is dipping a piece of gourmet food into a saucer cup or dish, this case being her pussy acting as a chalice or cup for the sauce of his Korean cum, and he drenches that sticky lollipop so that it’s covered all over in his milky white Asian cum, and then he pulls it out of her wet pussy with a drooling PLOP!  Then he brings up the ultimate sucker to his blonde slut’s lips and she stares at it with bright wide eyes, and she hears the Asian guy tell her:

“Finish your treat.”  And he gets so turned on watching her whore out and gobble up the Korean-cum-coated pussy-flavored cherry lollipop as she orally worships it for his viewing pleasure and her moans of how good she thinks it tastes makes him cum because of how irresistibly sexy her voice sounds it makes him bleed even more spurts of sperm out of his wildly twitching sensitive cockhead.

“I smell sex and — Can-Dy — here…” the Asian guy sings out the lyrics to that stupid song, and this fucked up shit is funny to them both for some reason and the blonde laughs her head off and so does the Asian guy, and she tells him “That sounded retard,” and he laughs and agrees and says “Yeah, I hate that fucking song,” and this makes them both laugh out loud more.

And so they laugh and continue laughing at nothing and everything there on the bed, and he hugs her close all the while worrying he might be brushing up against her breasts too much, occasionally apologizing— Whoops, sorry— whenever he feels them touching, until they both fall asleep eventually and then he can embrace her full body completely tight and close to his own body without worrying about anything anymore.


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