Chang’s Commands – by AMWFLoveFetish2

After he confirmed he had successfully hypnotized the buxom White woman, Chang immediately exerted his control over her will with relish.

“Take your top off,” Chang commanded the bitch.

She lifted her shirt over her head and when her meaty breasts flopped down as she threw her shirt off, Chang had to admit he felt greatly intimidated by the sheer overpowering sexiness of her voluptuous body.  He was suddenly very afraid of her sexiness.

“Put your top back on,” Chang commanded her on second thought.

“No, Master,” she replied.

“What the fuck?” Chang gasped, panic on his brow.  How could this be?  How could she refuse to follow his commands?  She was firmly under his complete hypnotic command.  She had no freewill but to follow his spoken orders.

“I commanded you to put your top back on, that’s an order!” Chang repeated.

“No, Master.  That is not your order,” Katherine replied.  “Why don’t you stop being a pussy, Master, and tell me what you really want me to do,” said Katherine.

“I’ll show you who is the Pussy Master, you disobedient gwai-lo slut!” Chang promised.  “Come over here and get on your knees before me, gwai-lo whore!” Chang commanded the White woman with the mountainous breasts.

She complied and did as she was commanded.  She also got down on her knees submissively before her Master Chang.

“What will you do with me now, Master Chang?” Katherine asked coolly.

“You are not to speak until I give you permission.  Now speak not again while I look upon your massive-size mammaries and admire in deep contemplation and awe…”

“Would you like me to shake my titties so they bounce for your enhanced viewing enjoyment, Master Chang?” Katherine offered a demonstrationary shake off her chest assets and they did indeed jiggle and bounce supremely.

Master Chang was awestruck and momentarily lost in happy trance.  But he regained his resolve.

“You will not hypnotize me, you deceptive gwai-lo fox!  You sensuous succubus and sultry siren, you will not lead me to my downfall!  It is I who is the Master to command, and you are the slave to obey me all my orders!  Shake your head if you understand, gwai-lo.”

Katherine shook her large breasts like a stripper with experience and signature moves to make the dollars rain her way.

“Gwai-lo, just because they are as big as your head and twice as big as my own, they are still no substitute to what I commanded!  I said shake your FACE, gwai-lo fox!”

“You want to slide your cock between these, don’t you, Master Chang?”

“Your tricks will not subvert me, gwai-lo,” said Chang.  “I command you now, to prepare a gourmet feast for me of the finest meal the West has to offer!”

Katherine stood up and sexily, teasingly, pulled down her panties.

Chang shut his eyes before she could reveal her hairless treasure.

“Gaah! Ai-yahh!  I must not look upon it, or I would not be able to control but would HAVE TO eat her out!” Chang cried.  “The gwai-lo woman looks empty of brain, but she is full of as many tricks as her chest full of silicone!”

“These are saline now,” Katherine corrected Chang.

“Shut up, gwai-lo!  You have not been spoken to, you have no permission to speak!”

“Requesting permission to suck your cock, Master Chang,” Katherine implored her Asian Master.

“Do not try to trick me, gwai-la!  Your wiles will not work!  Hahaha!  Master Chang is too wise to fall for your flattery!  Now put your panties back over your holy hole, gwai-lo, and put your top back on to cover your two-headed chest as well!  After that, I command you to turn around and get out of my home and never come back,” Master Chang commanded her.

“Are you a faggot, Mister Chang?” asked Katherine.  “If so, I will gladly fix that for you.  It would be my pleasure.”

“This gwai-lo must be a lifelong student of Sun Tzu,” thought Chang.  “Yes, she is full of deceits.  Just like a gwai-lo, indeed…”

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat my sweet little pink pussy out, Mister Chang?” Katherine asked.  “You know I taste very good… Don’t you?  I know you can imagine… Indeed, I bet you have thought about it before.  Haven’t you, Mister Chang?”

“I do not see you obeying me, gwai-lo.”

“And I do not see you acting like a Man.  Let alone a Master… Mister. Chang.”

Chang slapped the White woman across the face.

“Such ARROGANT Western Devils!  Your race never changes!”

Katherine’s hair became slightly tussled and she looked even sexier than before.

“I enjoyed that slap, Master Chang,” said Katherine smiling.  “I’d like you to pull my hair now too, please.”

Chang slapped her across her other cheek.  He suddenly felt sorry.  What was wrong with this gwai-lo?

“Gwai-lo, I am giving you the chance to put your heathen clothes back on and run along home so you do not have to be raped.  Do you understand?  Chang sorry he try to hypnotize you.”

“You keep looking at my breasts, Master Chang,” said Katherine.  “You know I can tell you’re trying to look, can’t you?  It’s very obvious, you know.  And it’s natural.  Don’t feel guilty, Mister Chang.  I just ask that you stop being such a fucking gay pussy with me about it.”

“Such insolent words of disrespect to your Master, gwai-lo!  You must pay for your constant effrontery!”

“These large breasts intimidate you, do they, Master Chang?” said Katherine with a blank expression.

Chang sighed.  He admitted at last, “Yes they do, gwai-lo.  They make Mister Chang feel scare and unworthy.  Not like a Master.  So I command you for the last time, gwai-lo, please put your top back on and cover your hypnotic arrays so Mister Chang can be Master Chang again.  Do it now, gwai-lo.”

Katherine picked up her top and handed it out for Chang to take from her fingers.

“I’d like you to put it on me, please, Mister Chang,” she said.

Chang knew if he got too close, he would not be able to keep in control but would become possessed with passion and most likely rape the White goddess.  So instead, Chang took off his own silk Chinese cape from his shoulders and draped it over the naked buxom gwai-lo beauty.  The arrogant whore.

“You too beautiful.  I cannot take… I cannot look upon the full power of your beauty, gwai-la.  You too much intimidate the Mister Chang so that he do not know what to do, cannot act like a Man and cannot rape you proper.  No.  Mister Chang do not wish to rape you, gwai-la.  You go home now.  Mister Chang sorry and apologize.”

He held his magical ancient Chinese jade amulet to her forehead and incanted the spell to return her freewill to her senses, freeing her of the trance.

“Chang free you from your hypnotic spell, gwai-lo,” Chang told her, releasing her from his magical commands.  “Go home now, gwai-la, and stop haunting Mister Chang.”

He called a cab for her and gave her money for the fare home.

“You will remember none of this in the morning,” he commanded her before he sent her away.


The next morning, Chang tried to refine his ancient Chinese spellcasting and tried this time to focus his hypnotic magic on a petite and small-breasted White woman instead.  He had been eyeing this next woman for a long time.  Now she would be his.

“The power of Shang Di entraps you under his hypnotic powers and binds you to obey my every command.  You have no freewill of your own to obey, but that which I alone command you,” Chang incanted in ancient Mandarin as he held the magical Chinese jade amulet before the eyes of his petite small-breasted White female prize…

“Fuck off, you ching-chong chink!” the cunt spat at him and walked away laughing.

“Goddamned gwai-lo devil,” Chang spat back.  He put a curse on the bitch instead.

“You don’t seem to have any luck with the small-chested gwai-lo girls, do you, Master Chang?” said Katherine’s voice from behind him.

Chang spun around, shocked to find Katherine dressed in a silk traditional Chinese dress for women that was accentuating her very buxom Western curves.

“Ai-yah!” Chang gasped.  “Katherine!  What you are doing here?”  He stared at her curves bursting out of the tight Chinese silk.  “Why you are wearing that dress like a Chinese, gwai-lo?  Your voluptuousness is tearing the fabric.”

“YOU’RE going to tear this dress off me, Chang,” she told him as she grabbed the Oriental by his shirt lapels and pulled him out of his seat.  “You’re going to take me to an empty office, and you are going to finish what you began last night, or I am going to call the police and have you arrested for attempted rape,” Katherine ordered Chang.

“Wait… so you want me to ACTUALLY rape you, unless you’re going to threaten to have me arrested for ATTEMPTING to rape you?” asked Chang.

“That’s EXACTLY fucking correct, Chang,” Katherine coolly stated as she grabbed Chang by his Chinese balls and began leading him out of the office.  “This time, I have the upper hand, and that hand is going to milk and squeeze your balls for all they’re fucking worth.  And they better be worth plenty, Chang, or you’re going to be MY bitch from now on, and you’re going to have to call Me: Mistress Katherine.  Do you understand?”

Chang began chanting another incantation in Chinese as he gripped the magical jade amulet.

“You better be praying for extra stamina, Chang,” Katherine smiled darkly as she found an empty boardroom and shoved Chang inside and locked the doors and closed the shades behind them.  “You better fuck the everloving hell out of this gwai-lo right this time, or there will be hell to pay, and I will make sure you pay every flaming penny.”


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