Note: A female reader wanted me to do a more serious version of “Chang’s Commands” and I believe the subject matter is a sensitive but worthy one that has been on my mind to explore and discuss with the proper respect it deserves for both sides in a separate story that is more serious in nature. The Chang character is hard to write seriously and he turns the tone into a comedy by nature, so this unfortunately cannot be that story— but for what it begins to attempt to do, I feel it might be worth sharing here in the meantime. I hope the female readers are not offended, and a more respectful exploration of this theme on both sides of the matter is to come in the near future.





Chang could find no explanation for the phenomena, or the pattern of it, except that there appeared to be a definite pattern….

Chang cast off, then re-cast the spell using the powers of the ancient Chinese jade amulet. Each time, the same result manifested.

The rogue sifu who bestowed the magical jade amulet to his possession and taught him the ancient incantations had told him the power of the amulet was direct and overpowering. No human could withstand its focused intent and incantations. Indeed, there was magical force at hand, but that hand was drawing into its pull a certain type of subjects who come under its hypnotic influence most directly.

Chang first attempted the amulet spells on a random White woman he did not know nor had ever laid eyes upon prior. The perfect test subject. He spotted an attractive White woman at a table in an outdoor cafe. She was a pretty and petite brunette, slim figure, small breasts, and looked like an actress named Amy Acker who Chang had fantasized about tearing her clothes off and savagely ravishing in front of her husband in their own marital bed and filming it to “leak” for the whole world to watch. Yes, Chang chose her as the first test subject to become his hypnotized sex slave under the power of the ancient jade amulet.

Chang cast his incantations by the powers of the amulet and of the Chinese god, Shang Di to manifest his desire and intent.

Immediately after casting the spell, the Amy Acker lookalike made a disgusted face toward Chang, telling him to “Go back to China” and she walked immediately away in the opposite direction… and another White woman exited the cafe and began walking with focus directly toward Chang. The spell evidently brought about an opposite effect: it made the small-breasted White woman openly racist and hostile toward Chang, and caused a large-breasted White woman who looked like she was a model or fitness instructor or high-rate escort approach Chang favorably instead.

Chang became too intimidated and politely removed himself from the premises in case he actually ended up raping the White woman.

Chang attempted a second trial of spell-casting to identical results.

The third and even a fourth attempt yielded the same outcomes. There appeared to be a pattern from the data.

Chang tried modifying the incantations to be more direct and account for this. Chang cast a modified Chinese amulet spell on a tiny White female co-worker at his office who looked like Emma Stone. But the small-breasted White woman called him a chink and laughed at him before leaving. Just as suddenly as she left, another White female co-worker named Katherine came to Chang and got on her knees before him.

Chang knew of Katherine. She was the most desired woman in the workplace and also the most unattainable. She was a Holy Grail Fuck for the men to talk lewdly about around the water cooler. Because she was a pretty face with big tits.

Everyone knew it and women cattily hated her for it, and while the men hated her too for not putting out or even putting up with their cat-calls, they loved the excitement her infamous breasts brought to the otherwise dull, mundane and dreary office life.

And Katherine was on her knees in front of Chang, her face hovering over his bulging cock straining against the front of his pants.

Chang nervously told her to get up and he tried to cast off the spell. He hoped nobody saw what happened and that Katherine would have no memory of the event.

He could see himself fucking a small-breasted White woman, but could not bring himself to dare to even fantasize about being with a big-breasted one such as Katherine. But strangely, he found women like Katherine were the ones staring at him with sexual looks in their eyes and it was the small-breasted White women who were either dismissive or coldly hostile to him as an Asian man. It was a strange pattern that the amulet spells heightened manifold in its magical manifestations into real life.


That night, Katherine visited Chang in his home.

“How did you find out where I live?” Chang asked her at the door.

“I followed you home from work,” she informed him. “Won’t you offer the lady to come inside?” she implored him but he got the feeling it was more of an order.

“Please, welcome,” said Chang, bidding her enter his abode. He was probably going to rape her, he decided. He hated himself for becoming an Asian Cosby. Oh, for the love of jello…


Chang tested her obedience to see if she was truly under the total hypnotic power of the Chinese amulet spell or if she might be faking her submission.

Chang ordered the gwai-lo to slap herself. She complied. Chang then ordered her to bang her head against the wall. She obeyed. Chang commanded her to give him all the money in her purse. She gave him all of her money. Chang now officially knew he had full control of her, that the magic amulet’s spells were indeed in full effect, and that since she so readily handed over her money, he also knew she was not a jew. Great success, thought Chang. It was time for the Asian Bill Cosby molester to make the racist gwai-lo race pay for their crimes against humanity… He would do so by raping the gwai-lo as their race had so savagely done throughout the world, especially in Asia to this day.

Chang now felt safe commanding the big-breasted White woman to spread her legs for him as he pushed her body up against the wall.

Chang grasped and wrapped his fingers around her ivory neck and his hands involuntarily moved to tear her fucking shirt off— but he snapped out of his momentary possession and focused on gripping his cock at the base to keep from shooting his cum onto her so soon, he was so excited.

Chang desired her body so bad, he wanted to rape her— but he couldn’t.

“I command you, gwai-lo, to take my pants off. Pull my cock out and fap me until I get so hard I cum in your face,” the Asian man commanded his White bitch kneeling before him.

Katherine began to obey.

Chang felt guilty making her his sexslave. He knelt down with her too, his hands reaching out to hold her by her shoulders.

“Katherine, wait,” said Chang, nervously as he beheld her overpowering beauty that was too much to take, let alone selfishly ravish like a maniacal molester…

“Chang want to enjoy you, every part of being with you… Chang want to savor what it like to fuck you… Chang want to take it slow… Chang so hard right now, I ready to cum just looking at you… Touching you… Tasting you and fucking you… Yes, Chang want to taste you first, Katherine. Katherine will let Chang kiss her now.”

Chang touched Katherine’s shoulders nervously at first, he felt sensual electric power surging through him as his tan hands touched her pale White skin, he savored the touch of her flesh and imagined it sweaty as he held her down and fucked her from behind on the mattress until the sheets were soaked in sweat and cum. Chang’s bulging cock strained so rock-hard it was overwhelming trying to control himself.

“Chang never kissed White woman before,” he told Katherine but said more to himself. “Chang always wondered how good you would taste…”

Chang kissed Katherine on her lips and he enjoyed tasting her. Chang was getting hard as he continued kissing her. He wondered how her pussy might taste. The thought made the Asian man kiss Katherine’s lips and mouth more passionately. He stroked her hair while holding her to him. Chang’s mouth was watering as he kept kissing her and he began to masturbate as his kisses moved down to tasting her warm neck. She was breathing heavier and he could feel the blood pumping, her heart pumping faster.

“Chang loves kissing you so much,” the Asian man whispered to her in between his kisses. “I always wanted to kiss you. Kissing you gets my cock so fucking hard, I have to jack off in front of you,” he told her.

Chang took out the magic amulet and wore it around his neck.

“You are still under the control of this magic jade,” he told Katherine as he licked her lips while stroking his cock. “You will continue kissing me. You will let me kiss you until I give you my next command. You will obey every command I give you.”

“Yes, Chang,” said Katherine as she opened her mouth and let the overjoyed Asian man invade his tongue inside her some more.

Chang wondered how best to fondle and grope Katherine’s warm hot body without going for the obvious that other men would directly target: her breasts. Chang thought if she went to the pain and suffering to get implants and having foreign substances put into the human body just for cosmetic reasons to have larger size breasts which actually serve no sexual necessity such as having a penis big enough to give sexual pleasure and satisfaction to a woman’s pussy, then there must really be some sick societal thing going on at work that deeply effected her psyche and self-esteem. Chang thought about groping her ass maybe… He reached around and palmed her ass in both cheeks one after the other, and lightly squeezed then spanked Katherine as he kissed her lips. He laughed as her ass felt so good in his hand.

Katherine pulled back and slapped Chang.

“Put your hands around my neck and choke me,” she ordered Chang. She grabbed Chang’s Chinese cock in her hands and began roughly jerking his dick off for him. She pulled his shirt over his head and threw it across the room.

She spat on Chang’s dick and he got harder as fuck in Katherine’s skilled hands.

“Goddamn fuck, I want that pussy so bad,” Chang exclaimed as his fingers trembled with excitement and a nervousness as he hurriedly began pulling Katherine’s pants off as fast as he could, greedy for her hot pussy.

Katherine began to lift her top off, when Chang stopped her and pulled it back down to keep her large breasts covered.

“I bet you think even Asian guys are like all the other guys and only want to fuck you for your big tits, don’t you, gwai-lo?” Chang asked her. “That’s what you think, isn’t it? Well Chang going to prove you wrong. Chang tell you to keep your breasts covered while he fucks your nice sweet gwai-lo pussy. Chang show you what Asian men really want from you, gwai-lo. I bet you have the most beautiful pussy on the fucking planet, don’t you, gwai-la? Well that sweet pink pussy is all mine tonight, I claim it all to myself, AH-HAHAHA!!”

Katherine tried to resume taking her shirt off. Chang hugged her close to stop her.

“Katherine, wait,” he told her as he tried hard to stop looking at her big fucking titties. “Take your bottom clothes off, you can leave your top clothes on. Chang want to taste your pussy, please. Chang always wanted to see how beautiful your pink pussy looks like up close. So excited to finally see!”

Chang hugged her tight to his body and caressed her cheek and hair. Looking lovingly into her eyes, he asked her:

“Chang also curious something else, want to know very importantly… Please be honest, tell truth to Chang, OK?”

“OK, Chang,” Katherine told him. Chang asked her:

“Why did you get implants? You know, you are already attractive, so Chang cannot see why you felt you need to do the chest-inflate the size. You do not need the big basketball-size breasts because you already have the pussy. Do you know this?”

“Don’t make me feel like crap for getting them,” she told Chang. “They make me feel sexy. They give me power over men. It makes me feel good.”

Chang tightened his embrace on her.

“That was worth you pay some stranger to cut the your breasts with the knife like the serial killer horror movie? Just to feel pretty and make the men salivate like the homeless dog in the street, eat the trashcan for the food and peepee on the sidewalk like the fire hydrant?”

Katherine pulled from his embrace to stare at Chang in the face.

“What the hell are you talking about, Chang? You don’t make sense,” she said.

“Chang sorry, please excuse… Chang just feel sad that pretty gwai-la pay the horror movie doctor to roleplay the serial killer chop up the pretty college girl like in the Friday on Elm Street serial killer slasher movie to the your naked chest, with the scalpel do the cutting like deli-market butcher in the slaughterhouse for the make the McDonald hamburger, feed the make America the fat people…”

“Chang,” Katherine said. “I think your English gets worse and the dumber you get the more you try to understand me. Do you understand?”

“No,” said Chang. “But Chang want to understand. Please explain and use the simple words please.”

“Chang: my fake breasts give me real happiness. Understand?”

Chang looked at her sadly.

“How it can be real happiness, Katherine? Chang see you change your body and get the surgery, let strange man cut you open like the serial killer to the victim, mutilate, and you pay him to play the killer maniac psycho hobby, and you not really happy, gwai-la… Chang look the your eye, they look sad sometime, Katherine no look genuine happy to Chang…”

He could see some tears welling up in Katherine’s pretty eyes, but she turned her head away and moved to the far end of the couch. Distant and cold.

Chang moved closer to her.

“Chang also need to know something else, please… Does Katherine only be with Chang because of magic spell from Chinese amulet power only? …Or because Katherine really like Chang?”

Katherine did not answer him. Silence was uncomfortable.

“Katherine no like Chang for naturally… right?” asked Chang, fearing the answer he suspected anyway.

Katherine looked, turned her body toward Chang.

“Chang, why do you always make me feel bad about myself?”

“What Katherine means? Chang so much desire the Katherine. Katherine know that, how she not? But Katherine also know that Katherine too good be with Chang, and Chang not want Katherine settle. Chang also not want Katherine only with Chang because under spell of ancient Chinese magic amulet. Chang need to know please.”

“All I know is I like you, Chang,” she said. “I don’t exactly know why. Is it really important to know why you’re attracted to somebody?”

“Yes,” he said. “For Chang, about Katherine, yes very important know. Chang no want to feel like rapist to be with Katherine. Chang no want to be like the Cosby or the Kobe. No want to rape. Want be loved back. Katherine can understand Chang?”

“Chang, I really do think your English gets worse the more you think too deep about things,” she told him. “Stop overanalyzing and just fuck me.”

Chang moved his hands then his arms around her body and pulled her closer to his own body again. He felt her warmth and her body heat growing hotter.

“Katherine feel powerful right now too?” asked Chang.

“Not really right now,” she said.

“What Katherine feel like now?” he asked.

She embraced him back. Thought a moment. Felt his warmth against hers.

“I feel confused,” she told him. “You don’t like my body?” she asked Chang.

“Katherine still do not understand Chang,” he told her as he caressed the back of her head and brushed his hand down her long smooth hair as he embraced her body close to his own body. “Chang feel Katherine too good for him. Chang feel like every touch he feels on your body, feel like raping angel. Chang think you feel this way too, no? That Chang do not deserve fuck your body, enjoy your body… You feel this deep down, do you not? Do not lie to me, gwai-lo,” Chang commanded the truth from her.


“You think men only like you for your big breasts, gwai-la?” Chang asked her. “It is not untrue, many of mens notice that first and sometime only apparently. But those who notice only that are low-quality bottom-barrel boys, no real men. To be honest, it is hard to avoid noticing that about you, since they do pop out of your chestal region and do the 3D-effect pop out at face before can see your face, gwai-la,” said Chang. “So might be you are right to become powerful, use your sexual power to make them feel bad to pay back they make you feel bad. It make sense, yes…” Chang agreed.

Then he added, “But it be sad if Katherine become bully same as they and laugh at Asian men like Chang. So please no do that.”

Katherine slapped Chang. “Shut the fuck up, Chang,” she told him. “The more you talk, the more you sound like a faggot. Blaming me for getting surgery, making me feel bad— you have no right to judge me.”

“Chang no judging.”

“Chang no fucking this White pussy, either,” she said. “Why don’t you stop talking and put your cock where your heart is, Chang? Hmm? Put your cock in my pussy,” Katherine ordered.


“Chang want to know more about Katherine. Tell Chang please, what Katherine likes? What Katherine enjoys? What Katherine favorites? What Katherine want most in life? Please tell Chang everything about Katherine.”


Katherine’s eyes began to water but Chang could not interpret what the look on her face could mean.



“You look so very beautiful,” Chang told her. “Chang command you to remove makeup. Chang want to kiss your skin, not taste the makeup made of pig cells chemical and the taste like baby powder. You understand, gwai-la?”


Katherine stood up to leave.

“You’re too weird and I don’t have time to put up with whatever hang-ups you have, Chang,” she said as she stomped in her heels toward the door.

Chang couldn’t stand to see her go. The Chinese man leaped up and blocked her path to the door.

“Out of my way, Chang!” Katherine yelled, shoving Chang. Chang grabbed Katherine and bent her over a nearby table. He pulled her hair, lifting her head up to his mouth. He licked her neck and commandingly ordered her, “Chang command you stay the night. Now: take off your panties. Show Chang your pussy.”

Katherine struggled to free herself. The Chinese man spanked her ass for trying and humped her from behind, pulling her arms this time.

“Chang want to fuck Katherine, but Chang do not want to be called rape,” Chang told Katherine. “Chang have Katherine permission to fuck your body please?” the Chinese man lustily groped her White breasts as he sucked wet kisses all over her neck and chest cleavage.

Chang picked the White woman up in his arms and carried her body as he laughed excitedly to the bedroom. He set her down onto the mattress where he masturbated as he fantasized about fucking her pink pussy so often he made the decision to turn to ancient Chinese magic to force her will into submission to give her body and mind to his pleasure under his complete control – even though it was her pussy that had complete control over his every thought to the point of obsession and dominance.

“Chang want to fuck Katherine in pussy,” the Chinese man told Katherine, pinning the White woman by her wrists onto the mattress sheets. “Chang going to fuck you now, Katherine, but you can keep your shirt on. Chang want show, prove, to Katherine Chang want to have fuck your body for pretty pussy and face, not just for you boobs so big like the basketball size inflate. You understand Mister Chang, gwai-la?”

“What the fuck is your problem, CHANG?!?!” Katherine spat at him. Her heavy chest was heaving. Chang was staring again.

“How can you breathe with that so heavy on chest?” Chang asked her, while on top of her but hovering above her chest so as to avoid touching them. “Do you no feel like suffocate? Chang want Katherine do the ‘safe sex’ with Katherine, no want to suffocate— but Chang insist to fuck you pussy no condom. Always wanted to feel what feel like to pump the Chinese cock in the Euro-woman naked pink pussy and feel the heaven of fuck the God—”

Katherine threw Chang off her and rolled over off the bed.

“Call me when you grow the balls to fuck me for real, Chang,” Katherine called over her shoulder as she left Chang’s master bedroom, leaving Chang feeling less like a Master and more of an unlucky dumbass even with all the magical power of the unseen spirit world working overtime to get his stupid Chinese ass laid.

“Gwai-lo, I command you to stop!” Chang called out after Katherine. “Chang command you to come back to bed and fall asleep, goddammit bitch!”




Chang nervously looked at the beauty in a deep sleep laying beside him on the bed. It was easier for him to make love to her and admire her beauty in full when she was asleep and he could look upon her face and body completely without feeling so intimidated by her feminine beauty. The Chinese man knew she would have no knowledge or memory what he would do to her, giving him a certain freedom to explore her body in intimate detail and take as much time as he wanted doing anything and everything his perverted heart desired— anything and every perverse sexual fantasy his throbbing Asian cock yearned to fuck her White female body repeatedly throughout the hours of the night, cumming over and over.

Chang contemplated taking her top off and seeing what she looked like to satisfy a long-wondered and rare curiosity. If she had scars on her breasts from the surgery or surgeries, Chang wanted to show his love for her by worshipping her breast scars and licking them, letting her know how beautiful they are, not to be made to feel ashamed of them. He wanted to love her and show her that he loves her and accepts her, even if she had no breasts at all. He was extremely tempted to take her top off to see her naked… But he didn’t… He figured it would be disrespectful to her and he wanted to keep his promise. He thought of finally taking a full look at her pussy up close, worship how beautiful she was sure to look. He hoped she was hairless so he could eat her out to his heart’s content and have his fill of her heavenly taste.

But that would make him a piece of shit scumbag rapist, wouldn’t it? Goddamn it, he hated Bill Cosby. He would never stoop that low!!

But at the same time: what the hell would he do, it would all be a waste to have her here in his bed yet not fuck her.   Chang had to cum so bad, his cock was in such pain about to explode wanting to fuck her and his balls were churning so much cum he was already leaking precum. He had to have imminent relief! What a Catch-22 situation…

Chang got an idea. It would have to do and be well enough for now…

Chang took out his iPhone and took a couple hundred HD pictures and video of the sleeping beauty Katherine, of her sweet delicate feminine face, free of makeup, sleeping peacefully like an angel in the Asian man’s bed, wrapped up safe and sound and comfortable in his sheets.

Chang lovingly stroked his hands through the angel’s long straight hair as he looked at her. Chang leaned in and dared to steal a final kiss on her cheek, then one more on her forehead. Then a Real Final kiss on her pink lips— consolation prize for her pink pussy folds. Maybe some time for real, some day…


Chang took his iPhone into his bathroom. He swiped through pictures of the sleeping angel in his bed. He began to wildly jack off his bulging throbbing-mad Asian cock to the HD picture of the White woman’s beautiful angelic face.

“AI-YAAAH!!! Chang cum so much cum like the volcano overflow the lava-sperm into gwai-lo pussy-hole fill-up like the creampie Twinkie snack!!! I CUMMMM-AAAHHHHH!!!” Chang screamed like a maniac as his Chinese cock exploded geysers of thick Asian cum all over his bathroom and hands and he kept jacking his dick and cumming more and more like a fucking volcano all over his hand and balls as he looked at the angelic goddess on his phone screen that was also drowned in glazed layers of his Chinese sperm.

Chang wiped his wildly twitching cock on the image of Katherine’s face on his cum-covered iPhone screen, as if forcing the still image to suck his Asian dick and suck out his abundant and potent Chinese cum.

“Fuuuuck… Katherine…” Chang moaned in such unrequited lust. “Chang love Katherine so fucking, fucking much… Chang love Katherine… I really love you so fucking much, you never even know or don’t even care….”

Chang’s moans of pleasure had a bittersweet aftertinge as his cock leaked out what remained of his unrequited love and lust and life and unborn children in the milky streams of his spent seed covering the screen.



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