Some thoughts on my AMWF experiences

All of my AMWF experiences fit a certain pattern.  The WF fit a certain pattern specifically. I look and and happy that AMWF is growing, especially in the young people and this is awesome. I also hear a lot that Korean men specifically are satisfying lots of White and Latina women at sex, and a lot of the news comes from the women themselves, and this is amazing and makes me so happy.

I look at the social media and the girls all seem very kind.  I also cannot help but notice that they seem very happy and I think it would be nice to be in a permanent AMWF relationship.

I notice that the AMWF couples I see on the web are different from the WF that have been with me in my own personal life, in real life.  I wondered if it was just me that was different from the rest.

Then I found others like me also.  So I dont know what is going on anymore.  Maybe things are random or certain patterns manifest for certain people.

This might not make much sense unless I share everything which would be too long a post and not even sure many people would even read anyway.

Bottom line, I am just happy that there are lots of happy AMWF and AM/non-AF couples growing in the world.


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