Because I feel like writing today

As I admitted earlier, the WF I am fucking right now is a self-proclaimed member of this idiotic movement called the “Alt-Right” and I say idiotic because the (((leaders of this shit))) are the very ones they’re supposedly against. White people must be really dumb to support the shit anyway but they do, and she does.   I am not involved with any of that political shit in any way other than I’m fucking this chick and enjoy some entertaining and interesting conversations with her.

The funny thing is there are apparently more Asian guys like me who are fucking White women who are in this movement.  Go search Youtube for “Uncle Chan” from /pol/ – he looks Korean and he says in one of the longer videos where they are trolling (((Shia Labluff’s))) Hebes will not Divide Us BS that the Asian guy’s girlfriend Nadia wanted him to speak on cam so it doesn’t seem like she’s racist for supporting (((Trump))) LOL.   This is an odd pairing but it is great to see I am not the only one with such a WF.  God, the sex must be great because I noticed another pattern on America WF who like getting fucked by AM is that they are into really hardcore kinky raceplay and rape fantasies too and they like it hard as fuck.

The only other thing I wonder is if his gf also fits that other Pattern I spoke of.  You know the one.

Anyway, I have to say that this chick’s dark fantasies of being raped and enjoying it are really disturbing to me after a while now.  I have to wonder just what is up with white women’s minds.

No offense if you are a white woman into that stuff and reading this.  I am just talking and thinking out loud into the internet here.

I have also been wondering what would happen if the chick I’ve been fucking happens to ever read this shit I wrote and posted online and if she figures out it’s me and what she would think or react.

I haven’t told her about my writings, but I noticed she has been looking up more Korean related things online and I wonder if she might have even already come across my blog or stories before and put 2 and 2 together by now.  It kind of gets me excited to think she reads my stuff and gets turned on by it.

There is a nice girl at work who is really friendly with me who just so happens to fit The Pattern. It follows me all the time, this Pattern.  I feel guilty because all of the WF I had sex with fit The Pattern.



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