So the coincidence keeps repeating too many times I’m just going to put this observation bluntly out in the open:

Every WF who showed sexual attraction to me enough to where I had sex with her has large breasts. All except 1 were blonde and more than half were European.

For some reason, all smaller-breasted White women don’t show this Asian guy any love at all, but are pretty damn cold or outright hostile, even racist to me.  Almost all brunette WF tend to be mean or hostile (not even neutral) to me.  Majority of American WF openly told me they’re not into AM (therefore, me).

The big-breasted WF are hot and very receptive to me sexually, but I feel really unworthy to be with them long-term because I wonder why they are settling for me when they can get any man they want.

OK, there it is, put out there in the open very bluntly.  This is my situation.  I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know why this pattern exists for me, but it definitely does.  Somebody want to explain why this is, please?  So far, nobody has been able to and believe me I tried looking for explanations.


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