Finally joined Tumblr

I am now on Tumblr.  More AMWF Craziness unfolds for the masses as I shall add every AMWF-related profile I can find in the Search tool to get my message out there.  I joined this thing for a reason:

Yes, I support the White woman at the center of the whole @dearasianboys controversy I missed out on.

She sounded absolutely red-pilled as fuck, and thirsty for Asian Cock… the Best Combination.  Her observations of AMWF vs wmaf were so true and on-point that the trolls who love wmaf and hate AMWF hunted her down and digitally killed the poor WF off.  WTF, you gays.

And then there’s the dickless beta-cuck faggot Asian males who joined in supporting the very Asian females who PUBLICLY DISS WORSE SHIT ABOUT ASIAN GUYS ALL THE TIME WITH NO REPURCUSSIONS and are the biggest hypocrites next to the whiteboys who hate on all Asian Men.  The AF don’t see how they diss AM all the time for the very reasons they literally witch-hunted the Dearasianboys OP, Samantha, down and silenced her multiple times over multiple accounts.  And then laughed about it.  And still, they are leaving hate comments on the hacked accounts that they jacked.

But yes, look at the few Asian guys who supported wmaf and joined in on hating #BasedWF Samantha: They are LITERALLY GAY AND OR TRANS, ADMITTEDLY… SMDH… OyVeyStupidGoyimz

I fucking WISH I knew about this controversy back when it happened in 2015, I would have been vocal in support of #BasedWhiteGirlSam goddamn.

Well, I hope she reads this now wherever she is.

But if she still hasn’t taken Asian cock yet in the 2 whole years since they exiled her… WTF was that bitch ever really down with AMWF or not?

Get at me on that Tumblr and ask me whatever fucked up shit you want to know about AMWF things.  I might be crazy enough to answer publicly.

Keep in mind, I am the same Asian guy fucking a #BasedWhiteWoman who is also red-pilled as fuck and loves Asian cock.  I think there are more of our kind out there than I thought, so maybe we are not so different after all.  I described in more detail here:



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