@Dear-Oppa aka AMWFLoveFetish2 Answers @Dear-Asian-Boys

#BasedWFSamantha formerly known as DearAsianBoys asked Asian guys some questions and instead got answered by a bunch of jealous asian bitches and whiteboy trolls who hate AMWF and chased her off Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

She never got her answers and she has been MIA ever since.

As #BasedKoreanMan I am taking it upon myself to answer her questions that I could still find archived by her very haters.

Let’s answer these in order:

dearasianboys asked:

“What do you think of girls that aren’t from your country?” #open_letter

Dear-Oppa answers:

White women from European, non-Anglo countries have been the most warmly receptive to East Asian men and the most willing to learn about our cultures, languages, and be the most into having sex with us as well. They are the best.
Never been with a Latina, though I feel we would share much in common more readily than with WF, and I heard from more than a few Asian men that Latinas are fantastic and the sex as well as the emotional connection is much stronger than with White women. But I would not know as I have no experience with Latina women.


Question # 2 (of 2):

As you can see, White woman says positive things about East Asian men on her public blog, and raging asian females, whiteboys, and SJW trolls run out of the woodwork of their toxic swamps to diss her hard and discourage AMWF unions at all.

ANYWAY… On to the Answers:

dearasianboys asked:

“Why are you so good looking. Please share your secret with the world”

Dear-Oppa answers:

White women did not really begin to positively “notice” and go for Asian men in the numbers we are seeing lately until mostly the Korean or Hallyu Wave grew big in Western countries and the positive portrayals of Asian men counteracted all the as-negative-and-racist-as-possible propaganda from Hollywood/Jewish/Anglo medias.
Asian men did not change, only non-Asian women’s perceptions of Asian men due to having a healthy alternative from which to view Asian men in a positive light instead of an artificially created perpetual shadow of jewy-crackerboy-controlled Hollywood and Anglo media which has always been and always will be Anti-Asian-Men.



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