Celeste Ng, talentless asian bitch who hates AMWF, should die of cancer of the bones

Celeste Ng, talentless hack asian female “author”, false-flag attacks AMWF couples in her piece of shit novel, painting them as psychos, when it was based on her White male-Asian female couples who she knew in real life.

You see, this is exactly why asian bitches and white loser boys try to steal the virtues of AMWF to hide their FUCKED UP relationships based on Hate and Racism at its core, but then try to sabotage their problems onto AMWF couples instead.

And the mainstream literally think it is true.

This shit is NOT an isolated occurrence: It is the standard operating procedure of wmaf troll-hags and fags. They are going around even stalking WF on social medias involved or even interested in AMWF, trying to discourage it from happening. How extremely petty and toxic can people get: Look to wmaf for the answer, and it is UGLY.

@DearAsianBoys was absolutely right and she called a spade a spade 100%.

Hope somebody find this ugly asian bitch Celeste Ng (nothing celestial about her at all) and calls her out on her shit in public to her flat face at one of her retarded book signings or reading events.


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