This is the face of Wm/Af: white male-asian female… literal nazi shit

This is literally what White Male-Asian Female people are ultimately about as it is inherently built on imperialistic White Male Imperialism and Racial “Supremacy” (because evidently settling for beta-third world asian trannies and ladyboys because no other race of women wants to be around you is a sign of “supremacy” eh)…

The Asian bitch here looks more ready to die for that nazi shit cause than the actual seth green-looking whiteboy in his dead dad’s hunting gear and chinese knockoff rifles.

What type of children do you think these rejects produce? What kind of environment do you think their spawn grown up in?

Want a hint?

And the daily on-going repulsiveness of wm/af goes on as their own hapa spawn are airing their dirty deeds in public at:


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