Toxic Asian Females Attack White Women Who Like AM, AMWF

If the screencap is too small, the young White woman who loves Asian men and actually moved to Korea, wrote how Korean women are going out of their way to destroy her spirit and induce deep depression on her:

“I know I don’t post personal stuff but, the reason why I don’t post so much for all followers who are asking. I’m really struggling at work in Korea. Honestly my M-F depresses me a lot, I feel so unappreciated by my boss and manager. They seem to be unable to be happy for me in my personal life, I find myself running and hiding to my office to escape their judgemental eyes. Today I bought donuts for our staff, my manager seemed almost upset I bought it, her bitchy face just looking at me like I did something wrong. I’ve tried so hard to show them my bright personality, marching to work every morning pretending the day before hasn’t hurt me. I can’t say they’re mean but just unfriendly and judgemental. I’m currently trying to save money for university next year, so I’m working two jobs right now, I love my second job so much more. I wish I could change jobs but my visa is tied to my work place. I work so much I haven’t tried socialising as much as I should and I just think my confidence to meet people has gone down because of the way my manager treats me, I feel unattractive or not intelligent enough to bother talking to people. Which is something I’ve never felt even when I was in worse positions in Australia. Anyway the reason I don’t post that much is the stress and general sadness of my work makes me really unhorny and I have no one to talk to about my situation anyway,

Also another reason why I avoid tumblr is i literally feel so sad after work and then I just have ten messages from people I don’t know telling me to suck their dick, like actually can someone please take care of me or care about me. I have no friends or family I just go to my busted apartment and lie down exhausted after working two jobs and order chicken and watch judge Judy because her screaming at people is such stress relief for me.”





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