32Korea Club: AMWF Sex Club Erotica

written by AMWFLoveFetish2

“You’re really becoming the top favorite in such short a time,” Kwon tells her.  “We have a lot of guys waiting to see you tonight.  Think you can handle it all?”

“You know I want to drown in their cum,” she tells him.

She’s the only White woman, the rest are horny Asian men, and she’s only here to let herself be used any way they want to use her body.  They want to see her covered in Asian cum.  That’s why they all came here tonight.  To cum on the submissive White woman who has grown a reputation for her addiction to Asian cum.

“You’re really way too beautiful to be doing this,” the ahjussi tells her even as he faps his thick dark cock in front of her angelic face glazed beyond recognition, covered and drenched in steamy Korean facial cream freshly churned and spurted out of half a dozen horny Korean men.

“Open your pretty mouth, White girl,” ahjussi instructs the willing cum-sponge on her knees in front of his cock as he moans out in pent-up orgasm as lets go and ejaculates so much hot cock-milk onto the White girl’s pink tongue acting as spoon.

“Please drink it,” he tells her in politely turned on request and she obediently swallows the Korean cum and licks around her mouth and opens wide, shows the ahjussi “All Gone.”

“Waaaahh… Noh-lot-neh…!” He pats her head reverently grateful and tries to slide a fold of money into her hand. “Mah-shin-neng-guh-sah-muh-guh. Mmm?” He tells her, like a grandfather doting on their children’s kids.

The cum-covered White girl understands more Korean than she can feel comfortable speaking in the correct grammar and pronunciation, but she tries her best anyway and answers, “Oppa cum nuh-moo mah-shee-suh-yo.  Gahmsahumnida.  Jahl-muh-guh-sumnida… Oppa.”

The ahjussi’s dark cock sprang solid and thick to hard life again as he heard her sexy accented attempts at Korean and the things she was saying turned him on so much he had to order her to suck his Asian dick and he fucked her pretty dirty holy Caucasian slut-mouth until this time he ejaculated inside the White girl’s mouth, shooting all his cum directly down her throat and making her choke, choke, and cough.  It turned him on so much to see the angelic looking White girl become such a willing and engaging cumtoy for Asian men.  It turned him on hearing the sexy White girl’s sexy fucking voice trying to speak Korean to him, her accents got his cock so hard he just had to fuck her mouth again.  And cum again, and cum again, cum on her beautiful skin, cover her face in his cum again, all over her.

He had to have her again.

The next Asian eager for his turn was cute and his shyness made him seem quaintly cuter to her.  Her beauty intimidated the Asian boy so much, but his lust for her and desire to cum on her White skin was greater than his shyness, and that is why he is here.  That is why he came tonight to worship the goddess.  To give her his heartfelt, soul-true, cock-fapped offering.  His tribute in fresh cum.

Shy Guy couldn’t look her in the eyes.  Even after he jerked off and came, shooting seven large and long ropes of thick dangly cock-cream onto her angelic face, his wild almond eyes savored every angle he looked upon her cum-covered countenance… but he could never look at her beauty full-on in her face as she kept her eyes open to see his reactions to seeing her like this.  Sexually used like this.  Degraded like this.  Worshipped like this.

With globs of cum dangling and looming directly on her eyelashes and eyelids, threatening to pour down into her eyeballs, the White girl with the piercing bright and so-round eyes kept staring intently and fascinatingly at the nervous shy Korean boy in front of her still fapping his cum-spent cock in front of her milk-creamed face.

He still could not look her in the eyes.

“Thank you,” he respectfully told her while light bowing politely.  “I’m sorry I cum so much.  You are so pretty.  I’m much sorry. I cum again—”

He fapped harder and faster, rocketing himself to cum again, sprays her lovely White girl face and shoots sperm in her eyes and she doesn’t even blink, but smiles.

When she finally catches his eyes and he looks at her full-on, with such a grateful look of worship written on his cute Asian boyish face, she smiles wider and her eyes smile too, and her mischievous eyes give the Asian boy who loves her so a sexy wink that gushes cum and oozes into her eyeball and leaks out sperm globs out from underneath the now-closed eyelid as it shuts.

“Oh my fucking god!” she elicits such a turned-on response and gasp out of him, she feels so proud.  And she should feel proud.

“I love you,” he gushes to her in Korean.  “I wish I marry you.”

Now he made her gush out a laugh and underneath all the layers of cum, she felt herself blush.  The Asian boy was so cute.

The next Asian boy was a muscular Korean man who looked in his thirties.  He unzipped his slim-fit suit pants and eagerly took out his billy-club of a cock and she felt his sexual energy so strongly as he wildly jacked off in front of her beautiful face drenched in Korean men’s sperm that only turned the man on so much more, like a firehose shooting gallons of gasoline streams into the blazing inferno.  His lust for her was out of control but he reigned himself from raping her White body outright and just stick and settle for masturbating in front of her face to add his genetic lineage to the collecting facial mask of Korean men’s ancestors staining her angelic feminine face and soaking deep into her pores, bonding with her own European genes and taking it over internally forever.

“Suck the cum out of my dick, please—” the muscle-popping, veins-standing out on his athletic body, the wild Korean man greedily shoved his throbbing thick cock inside the White girl’s heavenly mouth and began to fuck her divine face.  Pumping wildly, the Korean howled in such indescribable pleasure as he raped the paradise of the White girl’s sexy wet mouth and he felt such intense passion, such love, such lust, such overload on all sensations it was like an out of body religious experience.  He saw lights and felt so lightheaded the only way to keep himself from passing out unconscious was to animalistically thrust deeper down into her throat and concentrate on the sounds of her drool and gagging that only made his pillaging Asian dick throb thicker and fill up more of her throat.

“I’ve lusted for you since high school,” the Korean muscle confessed to her as he held her by the back of her head and cradled her as he more gently slid his engorged cock around inside her stuffed mouth, savoring how good she made him feel.

“I never knew you liked Asian guys so I never got to ask you out… You don’t know how much cum I spilled out to you, thinking of you, dreaming of fucking you back in school,” the Korean continued admitting to her as he slapped her tongue over and over and over with his heavy cock and then slapped her face with the dick, wiped globs of cum off her face with his cock and ordered her to lick it off his cockhead.

“You should have let me know you were like this,” he said, stuffing her mouth again and thrusting deeper.  Quickening the pace and the power with which he fucked her face now.  “To think I’ve been wasting all that cum when I could’ve and should’ve been flooding it all into its proper place!”

He gagged her with such loud drooly squish-squashes as cock-flavored saliva streamed and leaked out of her used up slut mouth and ran down her chin, her neck, soaked her tits, and ran down her body underneath her clothes, as well as directly from mouth to the floor.

“Gotta make up for lost time!” the Korean muscle panted as he sweatily power-fucked the White goddess of his heart’s dreams, closing his eyes as he finally took out his years-long pent-up lust for her body now unleashed at last.  “Gotta make up for lost time!  Gotta make up for lost time! FUUUUUUUUUCKK!!!”

He came what seemed to her like a gallon worth of Korean cum down her throat and she felt her throat muscles gagging but kept swallowing it all down to please him.  He shuddered and his muscular body tensed as he raped her mouth for as long as he wanted until he had to cum again and this time his cum sprayed out mixed with piss onto the White sweetheart’s angelic cum-soaked face.

“I’m coming back to fuck you, not just a blowjob,” he told his high-school Grail Fuck.  “Don’t you go anywhere again without letting me rape your beautiful pussy at long last. I want to savor everything and I want to make it special.”

After he left, an older man, also Korean, entered the room and excitedly unbuckled in heat as he smiled at the beautiful White girl drowning in Asian sperm.  He kept smiling as he shoved his hard cock into those young angelic pink lips and began fucking her mouth, and his smile widened into an open-mouthed moan.  He never felt such an amazing blowjob in his life, and he fantasized of sticking his dick inside a pretty White woman’s pretty pink mouth for five decades.

“Oh my jesus christos god of fuck me,” the older Korean ahjussi exclaimed in such a satisfied sigh… “I never imagined how much a White woman can make a blowjob feel even more greatest greater feeling ever… Oh my fuck god, you are my favorite person who ever lived.  I wish I could award you Nobel Prize.  Your blowjobs are national treasure, White Angel Girl.  Okay?  Your mouth tunnel to Heaven’s Paradise.  I can die happy now.  Waaaaaahhhh.  Noh-lot-neh, noh-lot-suh… Haaaaah-chahm…!”

The older ahjussi laughed and patted the obedient White girl on her pretty cum-washed head.

“Please get plenty to eat and take care yourself, and live well, young girl,” he kindly spoke to her in Korean language in his regional dialect as he waved goodbye and goodnight to his beautiful Caucasian cumbucket slut.  “You have such pretty eyes and so pretty smile.  I like see them both smile more often.  Okay?”

She nodded and as she did, she felt globs of cum slide down her face and strands of ropey cum dangling like gooey pendulums of cum from her well-used well-soiled well-moisturized face.  She had enough all-natural fresh Korean skin cream on her to prevent wrinkles for at least a year.

After the act, unlike Western men, the Asian men did not treat her disdainfully or as a throwaway sex object, but showed perhaps more respect and gratitude and appreciate for her sexually pleasuring them and letting them sexually use her to satisfy their pent-up lusts.  They were so grateful to her and patting her head if they could without touching too much cum, wanting to tell her thank you and letting her know how much it meant to them to have a pretty White girl like her let them put their Asian dicks inside her mouth and cum on her and for her to treat them like human beings.

That was a big reason why she enjoyed giving her body to be used and degraded only to be worshipped more after she fulfilled her desired function.  Her purpose.  Her reason for living, which she was happy and at peace to have finally found at last.

And she truly enjoyed it.  Felt no shame, but only empowerment and appreciation.

She even felt love.

Cleansed.  Reborn in a weekly baptism of Asian men’s cum.

Washed away the pain.


She put her cum-soiled clothes into a plastic zip-up bag she brought and then showered in the locker room style open showers.  She put on her clean change of clothes and headed out.

She greeted the Korean guard, who respectfully stood and lightly bowed his head slightly to bid her farewell and safe travel home for the night.

“You’re doing good in school?  Getting enough to eat?” he asks her each time she comes and goes in his native Korean, like a paternal figure that she lacked in her own family upbringing.

She headed out into the parking lot, accompanied by the older Korean guard.  He insisted on chaperoning her out as it was late night and parking lots could be dangerous for anyone, much more to such a beautiful attractive young woman as herself. He made sure she got safely inside her vehicle, and she blew him a kiss goodnight.  Then she thought better.

She pulled him inside her car, to the backseat, and she let the grateful Korean guard fuck her without a condom and cum inside her pussy three times and once inside her mouth.  It was beginning to dawn the next morning when she finally pulled out of the lot and arrived back home.

She showered again and went to bed tired but feeling pleased.

She would sleep long and comfortably deep over the weekend.


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