AMWF Experiment in Real Life On My Asian Parents

TL;DR version, because I am too lazy to properly blog:

EurasianWriter made a series of videos of how Asian Females (mother in laws and sister in laws, etc) of White women married to or seeking to marry Asian men are harassed nonstop by the Asian females in his family who try to sabotage AM/WF unions.

I wanted to see what would happen if I told my Asian parents I’m marrying a White woman.

I asked my current WF fuck-mate to play along and pretend we’re a legit couple wanting to get married.


My Asian father who I sensed was always disappointed that I never became a doctor was never more proud of me in my entire life when he asked me in private if I am fucking her and I told him yes.  He supports us.

My Asian mother while not trying to forbid the marriage was visibly not pleased LOL.  So much so, that it took less than a week for the other Asian female members in my family to find out. My own sister told me my own Asian mother thinks the WF I am with is a prostitute or stripper and that she’ll probably divorce me very quickly and collect alimony payments from me for years.

Safe to say: #EurasianWriter was right again.

Please spread this and let other WF in AMWF relationships know what they are getting into because Asian females are the enemy of AMWF no matter how open minded and friendly they appear to be. They are only trying to get closer to stab you in the back.

Other testimonials:


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