R.I.P. #EurasianWriter Youtube Channel Got Terminated

Ironic if it was the whiteboys or asian females of the nazi right who’re responsible for getting EurasianWriter’s account “Shoa’d”, as they often say.  It proves his point again how every evil tactic of the (((enemy))) the whiteboys and asian females hate so much and despise… they turn around and use it on Asian men and even on their own half-Asian sons like they do as documented on reddit’s /r/ subreddit, proving exactly how wm-af is the most hypocritical piece of shit pairing of rejects of all time…

EurasianWriter, hope you come back and fight Youtube, your voice was appreciated by so many of diverse races and you were growing in popularity wildly which is why they shut you down.

Hope you come back with a vengeance and get your revenge, man.  You was definitely /ourguy/

Pouring you out a 40, To the Based Hero, EurasianWriter, until you make your triumphant comeback.


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