A Note on my “Patterns” Post

Just because I noticed this pattern for me, I hope no WF reading this gets the wrong idea. I don’t want a WF who genuinely likes Asian men who does not fit that Pattern-Set I identified in the post to be put-off.

Worse, I don’t want them to go out and get plastic surgery to change themselves aesthetically/physically in any way.

I was going to write in more detail about this, but I am too lazy and not a good enough blogger, so I just gave the short & simple TL;DR version.

Also, there’s been some Youtube videos of non-AF in relationships with AM who got breast implants.  There’s a popular video recently about how a non-AF got surgery to go from A-cup to D-cup in Korea.

You girls do not need to do that.  Asian men care more about face and personality, kind heart, than big boobs.

If you are a WF especially, reading this and you are an A-cup, don’t feel bad or get surgery if you like Asian guys.  You already have what AM find most beautiful: Your pink fucking pussy.

Those crazy japanese porn makers even dedicated an entire fucking MOVIE-LENGTH JAV AM/WF porn flick about just that and only that: White pussy.

Like how in Western/American porn they have fetish themes focusing on big boobs or big cocks, the japanese made one focusing on WHITE WOMEN’S PUSSIES… even though they censor it with pixelation due to WHAT A WHITE GUY, GENERAL MACARTHUR, FORCED THEIR COUNTRY TO DO AFTER WW2…


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