Black woman’s thoughts on why White Males always racially abuse/comment regarding her interest in dating Asian men

This is why white males are always to be treated as the enemies of Asian people, period:

Her post reads:

Him and some white guys were arguing earlier that Asian men as a race are beta and inferior. They got butt hurt, like most white guys, at the thought that women of any race would dare to prefer Asian men over white men, so this post is more of a way to reassure themselves of their adequacy by insulting the women and implying that Asian men can only get their worst.

I’m use to dealing with white men’s insecurity when it comes to Asian males, oddly enough as a black woman who has been harassed more by white men for my preference for Asian men than my own race of men. Where most black guys had a positive attitude towards my preference (which shocked me, because when I was dating white men I got a lot of flack from black men), white men were the ones tossing racial slurs my direction, flying off the handle, getting jealous and going into long emotional rants in regard to my preference for Asians. So this is nothing new to me. I didn’t realize white men were so fragile until I started dating Asian men.

If I were a white woman and I got the negative backlash that I did from White males for preferring Asian men, I could understand the backlash, as some people are still not comfortable with members of their race dating out. I am not white, though, my own race of men arent even as angry at my preference as these random group of outsider males.

Rather online or in person, if I mentioned finding AsIan men attractive, but didn’t prefer white men, this was considered absurd to white males that ANY woman would prefer an Asian over them. In their minds exist a sexual racial hierarchy of which they’ve built for themselves through centuries of white supremacy and media propaganda. Within this hierarchy they’ve placed Asian men at the bottom with the use of emasculating stereotypes and media imagery.

Due to the illusion of this hierarchy, topped with the ingrained idea of their supremacy, white men subconsciously think themselves racially and sexually superior to Asian men. If any woman doesn’t abide by this hierarchy, it hurts their egos. From my experience their response to this hurtopic ego is to:

A. Insult Asian men to reassure themselves that by default for being white, they are racially and sexually superior. They either do this by referring to penis stereotypes, to which I defend Asian men because Ive dated the rainbow and can confirm from my own experience that these stereotypes are false.

B. Insult the women and imply that something must be wrong with HER for liking Asians. With white women, they’ll call her incapablof white men’s attraction or damaged. With black women? They just toss a racial insult our way lol.

White guy: “You like white men?”

Ebony girl: “No, I prefer Asian men”

White guy: “Asian men have small dicks!…. You’re a welfare nigger bitch anyways! No one wants an AAAAAAPPPPE!!!!”

I Swear their response usually goes like that lol.

As a black woman who has dated white men in the past before I became #woke who has been on the receiving end of white men’s repulsive sexual fetishes for black women due to way too much ebony porn, I can tell you this. The white men I’ve dated worried about how they measured up to black guys. That was the only insecurity they had dating a black girl back then. Supposedly we’re sexual goddesses who can only be satisfied by black men so that made us intimidating and fetishized. When I told a guy at my school that I wasnt much attracted to black men, he was mind blown because apparently to white men, there’s this stereotype that most black women won’t find them atractive because they aren’t as masculine as black males or carry the package we’re use to.

The backlash I got from white men was a reflection of white men’s insecurity. PS. Any black woman here who has been hit on by white men on and offline will tell you that once you reject a white man’s advances, he’ll fly off the handle and call you racial slurs and try to recovery from the rejection by belittling you.

So the idea that the hypersexual black woman who isn’t even attracted to white men because we have the sexually superior black man, being attracted to Asians, hurts their egos. In their mind, they’re thinking “BUT HOW???? Clearly white men are above Asian males and next on the hierarchy after black men for her. Shouldn’t she like me by default????”

Their racial narcissism and insecurity is the reason I stop dating white men. As a black woman who has been randomly harassed by white men for my preference, I can confirm they do feel threatened by Asian men when the idea of their supremacy is adhered to by non white women who should, after their own men, prefer white men.

Oh, the below screen shots are from a dating I made. It’s the only documentation I have of white men’s insecurity when it comes to a woman not preferring them. Especially a black woman. When it comesto white girls, they can rationalize her attraction to Asian men by saying she just isn’t wanted by white men. With black women on the other hand, who have the sexually superior black male, they can comprehend us not preferring them. What they can’t comprehend, however, is how we can completely skip over them and go straight to Asians.


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