Reader Mail from “AM Bro”

“AM Bro” wrote:


Applaud and support your work. Fellow AM of the movement.

I want to point out an extraordinarily disturbing trend that seems to be rearing its hellspawned head in both real world and cyber world. Much like anti-AM hates crimes, this trend can be DIRECTLY attributed as a deeply pathological outgrowth, or the tragic natural predictable inevitable result, of the cancerous root cause that is AFWM.

The common linkage between anti-AM hate crimes and the trend I speak of is simple: the systemically reinforced vicious circle of AM emasculation, which further devolves from “WM stealing AF from AM” (emphasis on air quotes) to near-literal socio-sexual FEMINIZATION of AM. That’s right, from emasculation to outright feminization. All thanks to the long-range structural societal-level ramifications of AFWM.

Here’s the trend I am detecting increasingly, and it needs to be nipped in the bud before it’s too late. Aggressive assertive gays, now emboldened by cultural Marixst weaponzied LGBT political-media full spectrum dominance, seem to have declared open season on AM in broad daylight. Open season meaning AM are now the ideal dream boyfriend bottoms for these gays, and these gays will not take no for an aswer. This is EXACTLY the homosexual analog of the time-old Orientalist-exoticist-fetishist hypersexualization of AF by WM. Just replace AF with AM, and WM with GWM.

I am convinced that we could take the studliest alpha AM, with his supermodel wife and perfect children in tow, and some thirsty nobody of a GWM (or GXM, for that matter) would brag to his fierce friends that he could switch this alpha AM to the other team by bending him over right there in front of his family. ALL BECAUSE, THANKS TO AFWM, EVEN THE SUPERMAX SMV AM ARE DEMASCULATED TO EXOTIC ORIENTAL BOTTOMS, IN THE MASS PUBLIC PERCEPTION.

Please call me paranoid bro. Please tell me that this most perverse mutated fruit of the poisonous tree of AFWM is a figment of my imagination. Please correct me. And then go read the missed connections on Craiglist.

On a related note to the bigger picture (although not involving GWM), I present you with this gay-related WTF for your own conclusions:

see picture at top of page with 3 couples. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. This is how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Keep up the Crusade Brother.”


My Response:

Sorry for the late reply but you’re right actually about everything you noticed.  I tried to find the news story that happened years ago about how 2 gay white guys lured a successful Asian businessman who was married to their home to discuss a business project but they ended up murdering him after sodomizing him.  There was evidence that the 2 white faggots raped and tortured the Asian guy and tried to remove the body before they were caught, but even then, were evidence that police themselves were trying to cover up evidence at the crime scene.  The 2 white guys got away with it and mainstream media news did jack shit about bringing the story to light, just like they do when Asian men are the victims.

So you are right, you are not overreacting.  Black guys have been calling out the white guys and jews doing this shit to their community also.  These white supremacist faggots sure love to buddy up to do everything the jews they hate so much tell them to do, making them no better.

I’ll call them all out.  You don’t see many Asians outside of /pol’s Uncle Chang and Jakcie4Chan doing that anyway, but that number is growing now.  “Jews Fear the Samurai” became a fucking meme even.

Asian men have everyone – white guys, white gays, kikes, blacks, latinos, arabs, literally everyone going out of their way to do shit to us. Why is this? Because in this life, you act civil and nice, they see it as weakness and it’s open season and every other piece of shit race and demo jumps in on you.

You better be ready to spill their blood. Seriously.

I’ve had people familiar with my old self online tell me ever since I was involved with this alt-right WF I have changed a lot for the worse, but I think all she did was just help me not take any more bullshit.

The more Asian men stop taking shit and fighting back literally and be ready to spill blood when the haters move in and start shit, the better off we all gonna be.

I now concealed carry a weapon and so does the WF I’m with.  She taught me well and she is not a bad influence.  It’s time to get real, people.  Too many pussy AM need to get the goddamn message.


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