Disappointed by the Asian females in my own family trying to sabotage AMWF happiness

Over the weekend when I went to celebrate Mother’s Day with my parents, my Asian mother was *still* upset about that little experiment I pulled last time I visited them.

I had brought over the White woman I’m having sex with but not actually in a relationship with (since she’s a race separatist who doesn’t want to race mix – even though she is fucking an Asian man), but had her play along that we were a serious couple. I  told my parents we were getting married just to see what their reactions would be.  It was to test a theory put up by EurasianWriter (now back on Youtube as EurasianTiger after butthurt white guys marreid to asian females of the alt-right all mass-flagged his old channel with false hate speech claims and youtube terminated his channel… oh those beta hypocrites, wm-af…)

Anyway, I did it just to see whether my own parents would have an issue with me wanting to marry a non-Asian woman.

I wrote about how it upset my mother but my father didn’t have an issue with it. It was my mother who was really not okay with it and soon notified the other female members of my family of this in less than a weeks time.

Well now I visited them again and my Asian mother was still really batshit about that and trying to get me to stop the marriage plans.

I didn’t tell them I was not serious and that it was just a test, but the reaction of the AF in my own family really disappointed me.  I expected better. I didn’t think my own family would be like that, like those other AF I really hate because of how much they hate their own, AM.

I said this many times before, but it bears repeating: EurasianWriter/EurasianTiger and Reddit.com/r/hapas was right again. As always.


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