Nothing but bad news

Well the relationship with the alt-right WF is over I guess. Most likely. Things got very scary.

I hope she learns to stop harming herself.  You are beautiful and you deserve to be loved, not treated like shit, you know, in case you’re reading this.


I don’t regret being in it though. Oddly enough, it was the longest AMWF relationship I have been in.


Lot of other AMWF-related things are over now too sadly:

RIP EurasianWriter Youtube Channel #1

RIP Yellowcumplz Tumblr


I curse all the white guys and asian females who trolled and acted like the jews they hate for acting like this, yet white guys and asian females turn around and act even worse using those same cowardly tactics against AMWF channels that are just trying to be happy.

I hope all those anti-AMWF white guys and asian females die of anal cancer painfully.  KEK wills it. #666 #777




2 thoughts on “Nothing but bad news

    1. She was getting into this fucked up self-harm as a fetish shit. Way too dark and messed up for me. She was cutting herself with knives/box cutter and drawing lots of blood and it scared the shit out of me. I was absolutely straight up scared and worried she might try to harm me. I still care about her as a person though and don’t want her to be doing that shit to herself but white women seem very messed up to me. I’m really not into the dark type of fucked up sex, I’d actually prefer lovemaking, but WF like her seem to be really into this dark shit. Anyway, so yeah. It got way too scary for me and I was afraid for my safety.


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