WF asks why she’s accused of racism by actual literal racist white guys who hate seeing AMWF

From my Tumblr:

anonymous asked:

I’m a WF, why every single time I mentioned or happened to say that I prefer the way AMs look I’m immediately labeled as racist by other whites?

My answer:

[A] :

This answer will be long but comprehensive, and you need to know this to protect yourself.
In short, White women who like Asian men are publicly being systematically attacked, harassed, and made to feel guilty or whatever else by trolls who want to sabotage and stop all AMWF unions from happening.
They’ll even accuse the White women of being racist for daring to think for herself that Asian men can possibly remotely be handsome and be attracted to them.
These White women who hold positive views of Asian men are being accused of “racism” by the actual racists, who are white males who are often openly racist and hold extreme right-wing views, and are the most racist against Asian men themselves, and ironically enough, even have Asian females as wives or girlfriends.
White women have been harassed and trolled both online and in real life by anti-AMWF white guys who have been caught even many times pretending to be an Asian man or White woman online and then posting bullshit to discourage AMWF from happening.
Because ultimately, it hurts the fragile White Male Ego.

Now for the longer details:

White Women who express anything slightly positive about Asian men instead of parroting what white guys want to hear which is reflecting the hatred and derision toward Asian men is going to piss off White guys, plain and simple.
Why? Because White women are what they really want, but they are seeing White women choosing Black men, Latino men, Arab men, and this triggers white guys who want to be the ones taking other races’ women but want their own White women to be loyal to only white guys. And since White guys are literally getting cuckolded or “cucked” as they love to say all the damn time now as part of their everyday lingo, they secretly know that Black men and other races have them beat and are thus “superior” because of their physical strength, dick size, whatever else, so White guys need someone to feel superior to… This is why they always fall back to their safety net of dissing Asian men all the time, even when the situation doesn’t even have anything to do with AM.
Now when White guys see that White women are actually going for Asian men, this disrupts White guys’ social-sexual hierarchy they set up in their minds and society that Asian guys should be dead last and White guys should be at the top.
Them seeing AMWF triggers them into a rage even more than BM/WF does.
At least BM/WF and BBC shit is something white guys actually jerk off to – why do you think the whole cuck genre and IR porn is so popular? White guys are the biggest audience.
But seeing AMWF sends white guys into a rage beyond anything. See Eliot Rogers’ manifesto. He is the product of a wm-af couple and he killed Asian men and White women and wrote of how BM/WF made him upset but he felt inferior to challenge it, but when he saw AMWF, it made him want to kill – and he literally did just that. He was a white man in a half-Asian male body and he killed Asian men and White women.
This is the White males’ mentality.

Even the ultra-racist sites like /pol/ that propelled donald trump’s ass into the presidency of the usa – even those proudly racist neckbeard white male incels are noticing that more and more White women are going for Asian men.
They have threads dedicated to how so many Conservative WF in America for example or Alt-Right girls have Asian boyfriends, and the white guys are triggered so bad.

These are the type of white guys who are often in relationships with ASIAN FEMALES, who also hate Asian men, because these are the type of loser-beta-racist white guys who cannot get any White women and have to thus settle for exploiting insane Asian females.
So when these types of racist loser white guys who are only with asian females because they settled as they cannot get White women, then see that “even an Asian guy” is with a White woman and that the White woman chose an Asian man over him, a white male, then this is the ultimate devastating ego-destroying soul-crushing blow that a white guy can experience and this sets him off into a homicidal rage.

Why is this important to know and inform other White females in AMWF? Because these white guys, asian females, and their children are out to attack and there even been instances where they have literally murdered AMWF people.

You people need to be informed of this shit.

So when people are accusing you of being “racist” for liking Asian men, or making fun of you for being with an Asian, just know that they are the literal and true racists themselves – NOT YOU.

Precious-Kittygirl and other WF on here as well as on Twitter and on specific AMWF forums have also posted of having been accused of this and there is no arguing or reasoning with the accusers (white males and sometimes asian females who both hate AM, WF, and especially most of all: all things AMWF). These accusers will not listen, they will just keep trying to make White women like you who don’t join in on hating Asian men to feel like you’re the racist one instead of them.
The WF who had the best conclusions boiled down to this argument: “If that’s your hijacked definition of being racist (liking Asian men), then I’m happy to be a racist. Now die and go to hell, you fuckers.”
Seriously. I screenshotted the conversations on Precious-Angel’s Tumblr but lost them, but they should still be up on her page.

Just troll the accusers and haters back is my advice too.

I’m going to be posting some examples in future posts to give you an idea of how widespread this is.

For example, check this one out, and read the response of the WF at the very end, she rapes his racist white nazi ass and makes him bleed through the screen.

It is the strong White women who go for Asian men and defend AMWF:




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