WF in AMWF get accused of being “fetishists” by the true racists, so just embrace being called that and keep supporting AMWF

I picked that name, AMWFLoveFetish because if a White woman even expresses the slightest hint she likes Asian men instead of joining in with the rest of society in mocking Asian guys, then that White woman is always accused of being a “fetishist” or “racist” etc…

*** KEY POINT: The WF in AMWF, who are in reality anti-racism, are being accused by the *Actual Fetishistic Racists* of being “racist” and “fetishizing” instead of joining them in mocking AM.***

Meanwhile, all other interracial pairings which often have much more overt and hurtful outright racist themes at play like BBC or White Male and Asian Female groups that basically embrace fully one race exploiting another in sickening open fashion are viewed as “progressive” —

Research this: Majority of modern day White supremacist white guys, Alt-Right leaders, extreme right-wing males, and literal Neo Nazis today are in relationships with Asian females, who together hate Asian men, and have been caught many times trolling AMWF forums even creating fake accounts to pose/LARP as Asian guys or White women or Hapa Children of AMWF to diss and hate on AMWF and discourage it. They often use the “you’re a traitor to your race”, bring up “White genocide” or “White Sharia” or talk about how Asian men are weak, dickless, or beat their women — all the things White Guys and Asian females say and parrot all the time to discourage AMWF — I hope you all notice the pattern and call them out instead of trying to defend yourselves.

The only thing that works with these cowards is to call them out and say you don’t give a shit.

So if you’re a WF who likes AM and you inevitably get accused of being racist or fetishistic by the actual real true racists, just tell them fuck you and embrace being called a “racist fetishist” — they can’t do shit after that and AMWF won’t stop but these haters will die out.



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